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Democratic Senators demand answers over reports DOJ wanted CNN sold

A group of Democratic Sens is demanding answers from the Trump administration over news reports that the Department of Justice asked AT&T to sell CNN as a condition for allowing a merger between AT&T and Time Warner. Senate Judiciary Antit

Democratic Representatives push FEC for tougher action on foreign election meddling

Democratic Reps are pushing the Federal Elections Commission to take more aggressive action in curbing foreign influence in US elections.  Eighteen members of Congress led by Democracy Reform Task Force Chair Rep John Sarbanes (D-MD) urged the FEC

DOJ, AT&T trade accusations over CNN sale

The Department of Justice and AT&T traded accusations Nov 8 over whether the company would have to sell off CNN, the cable network frequently feuding with President Trump, as a condition of its merger with Time Warner.  AT&T CEO Randall St

It's time to put an old cop back on the internet beat

[Commentary] While news reports overflow with examples of the Trump Administration pulling back on oversight of business, they’re missing the story in one key area: the administration’s aggressive move to restore Federal Trade Commission power to