Cloud Computing Forum & Workshop


National Institute of Standards & Technology
Department of Commerce
Nov 4 and 5

This workshop will provide information on a Cloud Computing Roadmap Strategy as well as provide an updated status on NIST efforts to help develop open standards in interoperability, portability and security in cloud computing.

The goals of this workshop are: Public announcement of the Cloud Computing Roadmap Strategy; engagement with interested parties on development of a neutral cloud computing reference architecture and taxonomy; defining target United States Government Cloud Computing Business Use Cases; and public announcement of access to the Standards Acceleration to Jumpstart the Adoption of Cloud Computing portal.

Wednesday, November 3
Public Session
1. Welcome and Introductions.
2. Working Group Reports.
3. Fault Tolerant Computer 4.A.3.a.
4. Intel Technology Roadmap.
5. New Business.
6. Closed Session.

Thursday, November 4
Closed Session

To join the conference, submit inquiries no later than October 26, 2010 to:
Yvette Springer
[email protected]