FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

Infrastructure Month at the FCC

To bring the benefits of the digital age to all Americans, the Federal Communications Commission needs to make it easier for companies to build and expand broadband networks.

Chairman Pai Remarks at FirstNet Signing Ceremony

Today’s signing ceremony is the capstone to many years of hard work by the public safety community. So I’d like to thank them as well, and especially Chief Harlan McEwen, for helping get us to this point.

FCC Chairman Pai's Response to Senators Regarding the E-Rate Modernization Progress Report

On March 7, a dozen US senators wrote to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai with “serious reservations” about his decision to “set aside, rescind, and retract” the FCC’s E-rate Modernization Progress Report.

FCC Chairman Pai on the Future of Broadband in the Lifeline Program

As we implement the Lifeline program—as with any program we administer—we must follow the law.

Remarks of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai at the U.S. -- India Business Council

Our top priority so long as I serve as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is to close what I’ve called the digital divide—the gap between those with access to next-generation technologies and those without.

FCC Chairman Pai on Congressional Resolution Disapproving Privacy Regulations

Last year, the Federal Communications Commission pushed through, on a party-line vote, privacy regulations designed to benefit one group of favored companies over another group of disfavored companies.

FCC Chairman Pai Statement On Charter's Broadband Investment Announcement

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai issued the following statement on the announcement by Charter Communications on broadband investment: “The FCC’s top priority is making sure that any American who wants high-speed Internet access

On the Road in the Industrial Midwest

Inspired a bit by Kerouac, I hit the road last week. I visited Pittsburgh (PA), Youngstown (OH), Cleveland (OH), and Detroit (MI). Some might not think of these as glamorous travel destinations — but that's precisely why I went.

FCC Chairman Pai Reiterates Support for the First Amendment

I welcome the opportunity to reiterate my strong support for the First Amendment rights of the media and all Americans. A free media is vital to our democracy.

Chairman Pai Statement On Broadband Health And The Connect2Health Task Force

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai issued the following statement on his visit to the Cleveland Clinic and the continued work of the Connect2HealthFCC Task Force: “Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with the visionary leaders at