Wireless Telecommunications

Communication at a distance, especially the electronic transmission of signals via cell phones

Will SpaceX become the world’s biggest telecoms provider? Probably.

[Commentary] By launching 11,943 satellites SpaceX will do to telecoms what WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger did to SMS and in doing so capture a $1tn+ business — and there’s fringe benefits for Tesla.

How Politics Stalls Wireless Innovation

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission’s L Band is made up of frequencies prime for cellular services but largely walled off for satellite links.

Mobile-only consumers arise from heterogeneous valuation of fixed services

Mobile-only users are usually perceived as a consequence of fixed-mobile substitution.

Study finds wireless broadband most feasible option for local rural service

The most viable way to provide broadband internet service to under-served parts of Pipestone County (MN) is with a wireless system, and even that is not feasible without a grant.

Why the FCC's proposed internet rules may spell trouble ahead

[Commentary] As the Federal Communications Commission takes up the issue of whether to reverse the Obama-era Open Internet Order, a key question consumers and policymakers alike are asking is: What difference do these rules make?

Hey FCC: Hurricane Victims Shouldn't Run Out of Cell Minutes

The lack of cellular phone service in Puerto Rico right now is contributing to the unfolding humanitarian crisis on the island.

Chairman Pai accused of ignoring investment data in push to end net neutrality

In his ongoing push to get rid of network neutrality rules, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai claimed in Sept that the rules caused capital investment in wireless networks to drop in 2016.

What Does 'Effective Competition' Mean for Sprint/T-Mobile -- And You?

Mentioning the public interest just once, the Federal Communications Commission adopted its 20th wireless competition report this week.

More than 90 percent of Puerto Rico’s cell sites are out of action

With nearly half of Puerto Ricans without clean drinking water, and with the territory's electricity systems “totally shot,” according to President Donald Trump, the Caribbean island is in dire need of hurricane assistance.

Wi-Fly Lending Launch Kit

The internet is a powerful enabler for social change; yet, for 34 million Americans it remains out of reach.