Wireless Telecommunications

Communication at a distance, especially the electronic transmission of signals via cell phones

Chairman Pai Announces Opposition to China Mobile Application to Provide Telecom Services

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai released the following statement regarding his opposition to China Mobile’s application to provide telecommunications services in the US.

T-Mobile and Comcast partner to combat robocalls

T-Mobile and Comcast announced a partnership to combat the industry’s growing robocall problem.

Chairman Pai proposes $20 billion for “up to” gigabit-speed rural broadband

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is proposing a $20.4 billion rural broadband fund that could connect up to four million homes and small businesses over the next ten years.

President Donald Trump Is Taking Action to Ensure that America Wins the Race to 5G

Thanks to President Donald Trump, America is now leading the global race to deploy secure and reliable 5G. President Trump’s policies empower the wireless industry to innovate and invest in America’s 5G capabilities, further bolstering our economy

Public Knowledge Urges Congress to Question FCC’s 5G Plan

On April 12, the Federal Communications Commission announced a plan for promoting 5G which includes the nation’s largest spectrum auction in Dec 2019 and the promised future creation of a $20.4 billion rural broadband investment fund, “The Rural D

FCC Chairman Pai Remarks at 5G White House Event

Today, 5G is a success story—an American success story. How are we getting the job done? As the lead agency on 5G, the Federal Communications Commission is pursuing a three-part strategy called the 5G FAST Plan.

FCC Seeks Comment on Bidding Procedures for Third 5G Spectrum Auction

The Federal Communications Commission seeks comment on the proposed application and bidding procedures for the third 5G spectrum auction (Auction 103).

FCC Proposes to Modernize Rule for Over-the-Air Reception Devices to Prepare for 5G Future

The Federal Communications Commission proposed to update its rule for over-the-air reception devices to help spur 5G deployment.

FCC Takes Steps to Make Millimeter Wave Spectrum Available for 5G and Other Advanced Services

The Federal Communications Commission continued its efforts to make millimeter wave spectrum available for 5G, the Internet of Things, and other advanced spectrum-based services, including satellite broadband services.

President Trump to hold event April 12 on 5G, rural broadband

President Donald Trump is set to hold a White House event April 12 with the Federal Communications Commission on next-generation 5G wireless networks and efforts to boost rural broadband internet access.