Wireless Internet

What’s at Stake in the Discussions Between Comcast, Charter and Sprint

[Commentary] Comcast and Charter are negotiating with Sprint to offer wireless services to their cable and high-speed internet customers.

Sprint’s talks with Comcast and Charter could ramp up competition in the already ailing wireless industry

[Commentary] Sprint needs a deal. With a market value roughly equal to its $33 billion in net debt, a tie up may be the only way for Sprint to get the resources to invest enough in its network to remain competitive.

Major Changes Sought in Nascent Citizens Broadband Radio Service

The Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) has not even been born yet, but already major industry players want to change its basic character.

FCC Grants OneWeb US Access for Broadband Satellite Constellation

The Federal Communications Commission approved a request by WorldVu Satellites Limited, which does business as OneWeb, to access the United States satellite market.

FCC Acts to Support Deployment of Nationwide Public Safety Network

The Federal Communications Commission took action to support the deployment of a nationwide network for use by first responders.

White House looks to bridge gap between Silicon Valley and the rest of America

The White House is gathering technology leaders on June 22 to discuss how the industry aims to drive economic growth in emerging technology areas like wireless broadband and drones.

You're sharing your cell phone number too frequently

No matter what Americans do to protect their digital privacy, especially on our handheld devices, it’s impossible to keep up with new threats.

This World Wi-Fi Day, let's celebrate the progress we've made

[Commentary] June 20 is World Wi-Fi Day!

Wikileaks Reveals How the CIA Could Hack Your Router

Your Wi-Fi router, sitting in the corner of your home accumulating dust and unpatched security flaws, provides an attractive target for hackers. Including, according to a new WikiLeaks release, the CIA.

House Democrats Make Rhetorical Push for Internet Privacy

Mounting security concerns surrounding the proliferation of wireless devices is renewing a long-running internet privacy debate.