Universal Broadband

Big Telecom companies are suppressing fast internet

A Q&A with Harvard professor Susan Crawford. 

It’s time for a new approach for mapping broadband data to better serve Americans

There are two fundamental problems with the data used for broadband mapping right now.

The White House is using fuzzy math to justify net neutrality veto

On April 8, the White House promised to veto the Save the Internet Act — a bill designed to restore network neutrality protections and undo the Federal Communications Commission’s unpopular 2017 decision to repeal them.

Internet companies spend billions to get people connected

The world’s biggest tech companies are spending billions of dollars on projects to get more people around the world connected to the internet. Facebook is in talks to develop an underwater data cable ring around Africa.

Getting the E-Rate to Deliver the High-Speed Broadband Connections Schoolchildren Need

With enormous progress being made by the Federal Communications Commission’s 2014 E-Rate modernization, it became clear that some schools were nonetheless being left behind.

Improving the Administration of E-Rate: Ensuring All Schoolchildren Get the High-Speed Broadband Connections They Need

A white paper written by Jonathan Sallet on behalf of Benton Foundation & EducationSuperHighway offering tangible steps that the Federal Communications Commission should take to instruct the Universal Service Administrative Company on how best

Determining which rural areas are covered poses a daunting challenge

A consortium led by USTelecom, ITTA, the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA), and a group of broadband companies have created a new initiative to improve the quality of broadband mapping.

Broadband issues angering rural Kansas residents

Rural Kansas residents are angered by bad cellphone connection in Conway Springs (KS) due to only one service provider working in the area.

Want Big Changes in Rural Policy? Start Working Now

The 2018 farm bill became the law of the land in December. What’s in the farm bill for the millions of rural Americans who are not invo

Rep Tonko Reintroduces ACCESS BROADBAND Act to Increase Broadband Access in Underserved Areas

Reps Paul Tonko (D-NY) and Susan Brooks (R-IN) announced the introduction of the ACCESS BROADBAND Act (HR 1328), bipartisan legislation that would expand broadband access in underserved areas and create a simpler process for small businesses and l