Universal Broadband

President Trump Forms Infrastructure Advisory Council

President Donald Trump has signaled that broadband will definitely be part of his planned infrastructure investments.

Why Does South Korea Have Faster Internet for a Cheaper Price Tag?

The average South Korean can choose between three major private internet providers –SKT, KT and LG U+ – and pay less than $30 a month for the fastest internet in the world.

Remarks of Rachael Bender at the 33rd Annual Conference of the Caribbean Association of Network Telecommunications Organizations

[I]t is particularly important that the United States and Caribbean nations collaborate. Our countries share many common interests and significant cultural and economic ties. The U.S.

Don’t Make Applying for E-rate Fiber Even Harder

Applying for E-rate funding is not simple, especially for applicants seeking fiber-based services. Applicants must have an in-depth knowledge of dark vs. lit fiber, self-provisioning, and special construction, and that’s just the beginning.

Program for rural internet in schools, libraries in jeopardy

[Commentary] The federal E-rate program plays a critical role in allowing Kansas kids to harness the power of technology in schools and libraries.

To Close Digital Divide, Microsoft to Harness Unused Television Channels

Microsoft will harness the unused channels between television broadcasts, known as white spaces, to help get more of rural America online.

As the Digital Divide Grows, An Untapped Solution Languishes

Too many students still scrounge for the vital internet access their classmates (and technology-enamored school reformers) take for granted.

Imagining More From Broadband: High-Speed Access Delivers Impact, Not Just Data

[Commentary] Combine broadband with a 3-D printer, and you transform data into objects that can fix a tractor or help a child thrive.

Australian internet slow and plagued by disconnections, survey finds

Australia is plagued by internet disconnections, drop-outs and slow download speeds, a survey has found.

More than 1,000 income-subsidized housing units in San Francisco are getting free gigabit internet

When residents at San Francisco’s Hunters Point East and West low-income, federally-subsidized housing complex went online, many had access to free gigabit speed internet for the first time.