Regulatory classification

On May 6, 2010, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced that the Commission would soon launch a public process seeking comment on the options for a legal framwork for regulating broadband services.

Free to Prosper: Technology and Telecommunications

As technology evolves, new challenges invariably arise, including for policymakers.

New Judge in Net Neutrality Oral Argument

There is a new judge hearing oral argument in the Feb 1 challenge by Mozilla et al. to the Federal Communications Commission's recent rollback of network neutrality rules.

The FCC's Restoring Internet Freedom Order is Ignorant of and Conflicts With the Internet's Architecture

The Federal Communications Commission’s 2018 Restoring Internet Freedom (RIF) Order reclassified broadband Internet access service from a telecommunications service to an information service, largely on the basis of an i

Chairman Pai on Failed CRA Attempt to Overturn Restoring Internet Freedom Order

As the 115th Congress comes to an end, so too has the gambit to invalidate the Federal Communications Commission’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order through the Congressional Review Act (CRA).

These are the 2019 court fights that will decide the future of net neutrality

Here’s what to expect as the fight over network neutrality enters its next act.

Judges Picked to Hear Net Neutrality Challenge

The three-judge panel has been picked to hear the appeal of Mozilla et al.

2019 Outlook: Net Neutrality ‘Ping Pong’ Battle to Rage On

The network neutrality fight will continue playing out in federal court and the states in 2019, against the backdrop of a divided Congress that’s unlikely to settle the debate. The DC Circuit is likely to rule in Mozilla Corp. v.

How the new AT&T could bully its way to streaming domination

AT&T plans to launch its own streaming service in 2019, drawing on content from DC Comics and Harry Potter that was acquired as part of the recent Time Warner deal. But telecommunication companies have a unique advantage: they control the cont

A Year Without Net Neutrality: No Big Changes (Yet)

It's been one year since the Federal Communications Commission voted to gut its net neutrality rules. The good news is that the internet isn't drastically different than it was before.

One Year Later, Net Neutrality is Needed More than Ever

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai would have you believe that the network neutrality repeal was of no consequence — the Internet wasn’t destroyed, cute pictures of cats and dogs are still in abundance, Google and Netflix are aliv