Municipal Networks

Cooperatives and Rural Broadband

Underserved communities can provide broadband for themselves through nonprofit, cooperative entities.

Communities Join Forces For Broadband

Regional efforts to develop broadband infrastructure are becoming more common.

Creative Orientation Means Success In Broadband and Telehealth

Two years ago I wrote that community broadband builders have two options for network deployment: they could use the problem-solving approach or the creation orie

Eastern Carolina co-op looks to bring high speed internet to rural areas

High-speed internet access is now a critical part of life, but a lack of reliable internet access is hurting rural communities.

Connecting the Unconnected with Open Access Infrastructure

Most Americans do not have much of a choice in Internet service providers, even in big cities. But for a lucky few, they have not only a robust gigabit connection but also a choice of many providers.

Case Studies in Public-Private Partnership Driving Broadband Deployment

Many small communities across the country struggle to bring advanced broadband to their residents. What they lack in size, they often make up with diversity of their economies, populations, geography, and technology providers.

Colorado communities banding together for better, faster regional broadband internet

Local governments in Colorado want to buy better broadband and are pooling their resources to do it. It's called Project THOR, the brainchild of the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments.

Commissioner O'Rielly Gets Defensive When Experts Call Him Out

In Oct, Federal Communications Commissioner Michael O’Rielly accused municipal networks, including Chattanooga’s EPB Fiber Optics, of violating the First Amendment by limiting subscribers free speech.

Muni Broadband’s Ominous Threat to the First Amendment

As a staunch supporter of limited government and free speech, I have regularly objected to government attempts to own and control the nation’s communications networks. I have been a staunch critic of government projects to build and operate broadb

Comcast rejected by small town—residents vote for municipal fiber instead

Charlemont, a small MA town, has rejected an offer from Comcast and instead plans to build a municipal fiber broadband network.