Municipal Networks

LA Councilmember Proposes Municipal Broadband Feasibility Study

Los Angeles Councilmember Paul Krekorian has introduced a motion to study the feasibility of a municipal broadband network that would provide at-cost high-speed Internet to the city's local businesses and residents. The motion calls for a study in

The Public Internet Option: How Local Governments Can Provide Network Neutrality, Privacy, and Access for All

As the Federal Communications Commission in the Trump era dismantles vital rules protecting net neutrality and users’ privacy, Americans need an internet provider that they can trust and is accountable to the public, not profits.

Cortez (CO) Council moves forward with broadband pilot

The Cortez (CO) City Council voted unanimously to approve the fees and costs for a broadband pilot program. Through the program, dubbed the Cortez Community Network Pilot, the city will install in-home wireless devices called GigaCenters, and prov

The Broadband Boost Small-Town America Needs

[Op-ed] Publicly owned broadband networks exist for one purpose: to give the most people the best service at the lowest possible prices. They do this because they know it benefits their residents’ quality of life and incomes. Verizon, Comcast and

Yomura says it can help struggling municipal fiber broadband providers

Yomura, a UK-based wholesale fiber services provider for Europe and North America service providers, sees an opportunity to help struggling US municipal broadband providers. “In some cases, there are municipalities that have built a network and th

Big Telecom Convinced Wyoming’s Politicians to Rewrite a Community Broadband Bill

A bill introduced in Wyoming that set aside money to invest in municipal-owned internet was revamped before it passed to favor Big Telecom.

Los Angeles councilman proposes new department to improve broadband internet access

A city councilman proposed that Los Angeles (CA) study creating a new publicly owned and operated department to provide affordable broadband internet services to residents.

Why Low-Income Communities Are Building Their Own Internet Networks

With major telecommunication companies not offering broadband in poorer neighborhoods, community organizers are training locals to manage and implement their own networks to create equity and opportunities. In Detroit (MI), the Equitable Internet

Commissioner Clyburn & SF Mayor Farrell Joint Statement on Broadband Access

We believe that San Franciscans and communities across the country deserve a better internet, with more choice and competition in the market than exists today.

The Los Angeles Community Broadband Project

In late 2013, Los Angeles City Council began a push for a citywide Wi-Fi network at no cost to citizens.