Municipal Networks

Broadband 'Disconnect' Has Big Consequences for Midwest Farmers

The vast majority of farmers in the Midwest aren’t able to utilize “precision agriculture” GPS technology because they don’t get high-speed internet, according to Christopher Ali, assistant media studies professor at the University of Virginia.

VT Democratic Gov Candidate Hallquist's plan to bring fiber-optic cable to VT: How would it work?

If Christine Hallquist is elected governor of Vermont, her plan is to pass legislation that would require electric utilities to hang fiber-optic cable in their service areas.

South Carolina Public-Private Partnership Makes Economic Case for Broadband

Access to serviceable Internet is of serious importance in Aiken County (SC) and surrounding areas, said Economic Development Partnership President and CEO Will Williams.  "Many of our areas don't have broadband capabilities because of where they

The Federal Reserve is taking on the digital divide

A Q&A with Jeremy Hegle, a senior community development adviser for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. The Federal Reserve Bank is trying convince businesses that the digital divide is their problem, too. He said:

Cumberland County (Maine) working to provide models for municipal broadband networks

Cumberland County (Maine) is in the process of creating a playbook that communities could use to develop their own municipal broadband internet networks.

Tennessee Governor candidates want better internet in rural areas

GOP nominee for Gov of TN Bill Lee may run a $225 million-a-year business and live in the wealthiest county in TN, but when he connects to the internet at his cattle farm in Fernvale (TN), he has to use a satellite dish.

A Tribal-Owned Broadband Company in Fond du Lac (MN)

Providing high-speed internet in rural MN today is as vital as providing rural electricity was some 80 years ago, said Jason Hollinday, planning director for the Fond du Lac (MN) Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.

Cities Are Teaming Up to Offer Broadband, and the FCC Is Mad

This is a story that defies two strongly held beliefs.

Rural Communities Losing $68 Billion in Economic Value Due to Digital Divide, New NRECA Study Finds

The lack of broadband access for 6.3 million electric co-op households results in more than $68 billion in lost economic value, according to new research by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA).

How the Rural Electric Cooperative Consortium Won $186 Million in CAF II Funding for Gigabit Broadband

When 21 rural electric cooperatives decided to submit a joint bid to receive funding for gigabit broadband in the Connect America Fund (CAF) II auction, their reason was a simple one.