Municipal Networks

Portland Is Again Blazing Trails for Open Internet Access

The tussle over "network neutrality" started 20 years ago in Portland (OR). Today, Portland and its region are poised to be Ground Zero for resolving the real issues behind public concern over “net neutrality”—the stagnant, uncompetitive, hopeless

The digital divide is worse than we thought

The lion’s share of discussion around the digital divide has centered around access, but the prices rural consumers are paying for the services available to them are worth paying attention to as well. According to our research, roughly 146 million

Municipal Fiber-Optic Networks Grow In Number Across US

Residents in Falmouth (MA), like residents in many communities in Massachusetts, have begun to look toward fiber as a means to ensure faster and more reliable Internet service. Falmouth would be the first Cape Cod town to build a municipally owned

One Size Does Not Fit All

One of the first decisions a community needs to make in bringing broadband to residents is what sort of network to operate.

Finding Middle-Mile Connections

The disadvantages inherent to rural towns – geography, low population density and lack of fiber density – compound one another to make sourcing middle-mile transport unusually difficult for rural municipalities.

Why Did Arkansas Change Its Mind on Municipal Broadband?

Arkansas is the least connected of the 50 states.

Columbus, Mississippi, Network Quashed Courtesy of Big Cable and Telecom Lobby

Local communities in the state of Mississippi have the legal authority to develop publicly owned Internet networks and offer broadband, or any other utility, to the general public.

Municipal Broadband Is Roadblocked Or Outlawed In 26 States

The climate for municipal broadband has worsened significantly since our last report in 2018. There are now 26 states with laws on the books that either roadblock or ban outright municipally-owned broadband networks.

Tacoma Develops Lease Plan to Preserve Muni Network Ownership

For several years now, Tacoma (WA) has pondered the fate of its Click! municipal open access network.

Tennessee should let municipal fiber optic networks expand to meet demand

Recently, Tennessee made a smart investment in its digital future when the state awarded $14.8 million in funding to local broadband projects.