Municipal Networks

Pinetops, North Carolina: The Town That Had Free Gigabit Internet

Pinetops' (NC) fight to get municipal broadband demonstrates how far Big Telecom will go to keep its monopoly.

A people-owned internet exists. Here is what it looks like

[Commentary] Although the fight for an open internet tends to have Silicon Valley tech bros at the forefront, it’s a racial justice issue; arbitrary powers for corporations tend not to help marginalized populations.

Remarks of Commissioner Clyburn Appalachian Ohio-West VA Connectivity Summit

If you care about robust broadband, if you care about being able to use the internet without your service provider compromising your privacy, picking winners and losers online, if you want infrastructure built in your communities, then you cannot

NATOA Announces Recipients of 2017 Community Broadband Awards for Outstanding Broadband Endeavors

The National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) Board of Directors announced the recipients of NATOA’s 2017 Community Broadband Awards.

Building Broadband Access Tough, Necessary

[Commentary] Chattanooga (TN) had the right idea when it requested and received Federal Communications Commission approval to expand broadband service – offered through its municipal utility provider, EPB – into neighboring Bradley County, an area

New report swings and misses on communities and next generation broadband

[Commentary] What is the role of cities in assuring that their residents have the affordable bandwidth necessary to thrive in the 21st century information economy?

5 New Cities Become Smart Gigabit Communities

At the Smart Cities Connect Conference held June 25-28 at the Austin Convention Center, US Ignite and the National Science Foundation announced five new cities that have joined the Smart Gigabit Communities (SGC) program, which "accelerates the de

Wireless Tower Dispute May Derail BVU Optinet Municipal Broadband Sale

A planned municipal broadband sale of BVU Optinet is in jeopardy, thanks to a disagreement regarding wireless tower assets.

Lake Connections Sale Highlights Municipal Decision to Get Out of the Broadband Business

The Lake County (MN) board of supervisors recently unanimously voted for a Lake Connections sale, offering the municipal broadband network up to what they hope is the highest bidder.

Pennsylvania County Project Seeks to Shape Best Possible Deals on Broadband

Thanks to an “extraordinary” response to an RFP issued earlier in 2017, a Pennsylvania broadband aggregation group called the Monroe Gigabit Project, which unites more than three dozen public agencies and private companies, will continue through 2