Media Ownership

Who owns, controls, or influences media outlets.

White House rejects House Judiciary Democrats' request for documents on AT&T-Time Warner merger

White House counsel Pat Cipollone told House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and Antitrust Subcommittee Chairman Rep David Cicilline (D-RI) that the White House is rejecting their request for information that would shed light on

Q&A with Michael Copps: Trump Is Trying to Put FCC Out of Business

A Q&A with former Federal Communications Commissioner Michael Copps.

15 Months of Hell Inside Facebook

In some ways, the world’s largest social network is stronger than ever, with record revenue of $55.8 billion in 2018. But Facebook has also never been more threatened. Here are some dangers that could knock it down.

How Big Tech stays ahead

The harsh reality behind Big Tech's power consolidation is clear in these five trends:

A new form of American capitalism

It’s no longer debatable: The system makes the big, bigger and the rich, richer.

Sen Cruz's playbook to crack down on Big Tech for alleged anti-conservative bias

Accusing Twitter and Facebook of suppressing conservative voices, Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) floated an overhaul to a key law that protects Internet platforms from legal liability for content posts on their sites, breaking up the companies, or even charg

Should big technology companies break up or break open?

There can be little doubt that the major digital companies have gained a level of economic control akin to the industrial barons of the Gilded Age.

Chairman Pai Remarks at the National Association of Broadcasters Show

You find yourselves in a war for attention with well-funded media giants, Internet companies, and telecom companies.

NAB Show: FCC Commissioners Talk Industry Competition and Push for More Diverse Ownership

Federal Communications Commissioners Michael O’Rielly, Brendan Carr, and Geoffrey Starks, spoke at a panel at the 2019 National Association of Broadcasters Commissioner show.

Internet companies spend billions to get people connected

The world’s biggest tech companies are spending billions of dollars on projects to get more people around the world connected to the internet. Facebook is in talks to develop an underwater data cable ring around Africa.