Media Ownership

Who owns, controls, or influences media outlets.

Senators Call for Impartial Investigation into Potential Quid Pro Quo between Chairman Ajit Pai, Trump Administration, and Sinclair Broadcasting

Sens Maria Cantwell (D-WA), Tom Udall (D-NM), and 13 of their Senate colleagues are requesting the inspector general of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) open an investigation into the objectivity and impartiality of the FCC’s review of

Ajit Pai: Media Ownership Rules Must Adjust to the Digital Era

[Commentary] For over four decades, the Federal Communications Commission has restricted the ability of broadcast media outlets to also own newspapers, and vice versa, in the same market, under what is known as the newspaper-broadcast cross-owners

US Said to Seek Sale of CNN or DirecTV in AT&T-Time Warner Deal

Apparently, the Justice Department has called on AT&T and Time Warner to sell Turner Broadcasting, the group of cable channels that includes CNN, as a potential requirement for approving the companies’ pending $85.4 billion deal. The other pos

Think of the Public Before the Broadcasters

[Commentary] As the son of a broadcast pioneer who got his license from the Department of Commerce in 1923 and as a former broadcaster myself, I read with great sadness “FCC to Lift Limits on Media Deals.” Although Federal Communications Commissio

FCC House Oversight Hearing

Chairman Ajit Pai and the rest of the Federal Communications Commission took hits from both sides of the aisle in a House Communications Subcommittee oversight hearing Dec 5.

Congress must act to increase minority broadcasters

Though women and minorities constitute an increasingly large portion of our country’s populace, ownership of broadcast media remains dominated by white males.

Viacom and CBS reunite in $12 billion deal, but challenges abound

Long known as the squabbling siblings of media, CBS Corp and Viacom Inc are poised to finally reunite after 13 years apart. The much-anticipated corporate union, which will be called ViacomCBS Inc.

The unlikely alliance between Donald Trump and Big Tech

Why is President Donald Trump putting so much energy into defending Silicon Valley — not his most natural constituency — through US trade policy?

An old FCC rule is being used to justify shrinking the Dayton “Daily” News to three days a week

To increase the quality of local journalism in Ohio, the Federal Communications Commission is requiring three newspapers to stop printing daily.  Back in 1975, a thousand media ecosystems ago, the FCC 

We asked 2020 Democratic candidates 7 key questions on technology

Tech has been given surprisingly little airtime during the 2020 Democratic primaries.