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Who owns, controls, or influences media outlets.

DC Weighs In on UHF Discount Decision

Washington (DC) was quick to respond to the court decision not to block the Federal Communications Commission's reimposition of the UHF discount, at least while it decides a court challenge to that decision under FCC chairman Ajit Pai.

Court Rejects Request To Stay UHF Discount

The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit denied the emergency stay motion filed by public interest groups that sought to prevent the Federal Communications Commission from implementing its decision to reinstate the so-called UHF discount that th

FCC Grants T-Mobile Spectrum Licenses

T-Mobile said the Federal Communications Commission has granted the spectrum licenses it successfully bid on in the broadcast incentive auction, which means it can start planning how to use it.

Cable News Wars: Inside the Unprecedented Battle for Viewers in Trump Era

In this endless cycle of breaking political headlines, television news is facing its biggest moment of opportunity since Fox News Channel and MSNBC came on the scene 21 years ago.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer resigns, cites achievements by fallen firm as Verizon deal closes

Verizon officially closed its $4.5 billion agreement to purchase Yahoo. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced her resignation in a message to employees. “It’s an emotional time for all of us,” Mayer wrote in a blog post.

How Media Monopolies Are Undermining Democracy and Threatening Net Neutrality

A Q&A with Mark Lloyd, professor of communications at USC’s Annenberg School and former associate general counsel and chief diversity officer at the Federal Communications Commission from 2009-2012.

Facebook Building Feature to Let Users Subscribe to News Publications

Facebook may soon help its users do something unfamiliar on the platform: pay for news. The social-media giant is building a feature that would allow users to subscribe to publishers directly from the mobile app, apparently.

A labor movement is brewing within the tech industry

As Silicon Valley is increasingly bifurcated into haves and have-nots, labor rights activists are becoming more vocal about the need for these tech companies to “make the world a better place” for the tens of thousands of low-wage contract laborer

Remarks Of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai At The Wyoming Association Of Broadcasters Convention

I’ve made it a point to champion local broadcasting since I was appointed to the Federal Communications Commission more than five years ago. And I’ve doubled down on that commitment since becoming the Chairman of our great agency.

Cumulus Media is on the brink of a total collapse

At radio giant Cumulus Media, things have gone from bad to worse. A Nasdaq delisting looms — as does a possible bankruptcy.