Media Ownership

Who owns, controls, or influences media outlets.

Google’s battle with the European Union is the world’s biggest economic policy story

The European Union leveled a $2.7 billion fine against Google for allegedly illegally disadvantaging several European e-commerce sites by algorithmically favoring Google Shopping results over their own.

RTDNA Research: Women and minorities in newsrooms

The latest RTDNA/Hofstra University Annual Survey finds the minority workforce in TV news rose to 24.4%. That’s up more than a full point from a year ago… and is the second highest level ever in TV news.

Twitter says President Trump tweet doesn't violate its rules

As President Donald Trump faces growing backlash for tweeting a video attacking CNN, Twitter told the network that the president's tweet did not violate the social media platform’s terms and conditions.

Media reaps dividends from President Trump attacks

Cable news outlets are pulling huge ratings and reporters are becoming overnight celebrities as the attacks between President Donald Trump and the media enter strange new territory.

What ever happened to Trump TV?

On a Wednesday night in June in Cedar Rapids (IA) it was just like old times for Right Side Broadcasting.

President Trump reopens fight on internet sales tax

President Donald Trump's recent tweet about Amazon is putting the issue of online sales taxes back in the spotlight.

FTC Accepts Proposed Consent Order in Broadcom Limited’s $5.9 Billion Acquisition of Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

Semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom Limited has agreed to establish a firewall to remedy the Federal Trade Commission’s concerns that its proposed $5.9 billion acquisition of Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. is anticompetitive.

To tackle Google’s power, regulators have to go after its ownership of data

[Commentary] The problem with regulating technology companies is that, faced with tough new rules, they can eventually innovate their way out, often by switching to newer, unregulated technologies.

FCC Approves Sinclair-Bonten Deal

Sinclair Broadcast Group has added seven stations to its growing group.

Verizon Wireless disconnects some heavy data users in rural areas

Verizon Wireless said it is disconnecting a small group of customers who use vast amounts of data in rural areas where Verizon relies on roaming agreements with smaller network operators.