Media Ownership

Who owns, controls, or influences media outlets.

Google to Comply With EU Search Demands to Avoid More Fines

Google will comply with Europe’s demands to change the way it runs its shopping search service, a rare instance of the internet giant bowing to regulatory pressure to avoid more fines.

Apple's Tim Cook Barnstorms for 'Moral Responsiblity'

“The reality is that government, for a long period of time, has for whatever set of reasons become less functional and isn’t working at the speed that it once was.

Apple Spars With Movie Studios Over Pricing Ahead of Apple TV Rollout

Apple is scrambling to strike deals with Hollywood studios to offer ultrahigh-definition films on its new Apple TV, but discussions have been hampered by disagreements over pricing, apparently.

Even Many ISP-Backed Allies Think Ajit Pai's Attack On Net Neutrality Is Too Extreme

[Commentary] Giant Internet service providers and their armies of policy allies often try to frame the effort [to dismantle network neutrality] as a noble quest for deregulation, often insisting they're somehow "restoring internet freedom" in a ba

Google and Facebook's biggest weapon: apps

Smartphone apps account for half of all time spent with digital media, according to comScore's Mobile apps report, and two companies own the overwhelming majority of the most-trafficked apps: Google and Facebook.

Government and corporations hinder journalists with ‘media capture’

[Commentary] Government and corporate control of the press is certainly not new but has gone in a new direction, exacerbated not just by the rise of right wing populism but also by digital technology and the far reach of the internet.

Court Upholds FCC Nixing of Dish-Related AWS-3 Credits

A federal court has upheld the Federal Communications Commission's determination that Dish had de facto control over AWS-3 winning bidders SNR and Northstar.

NAB, tech industry throw down over TV white spaces

The TV white spaces (TVWS) debate is cranking back up again thanks to a proposal that recommends that the Federal Communications Commision set aside three 6 MHz-wide TVWS channels for unlicensed use in every market across the country.

A hate group was booted from the internet ­- but who gets to make that decision?

[Commentary] Major telecommunications companies, like AT&T and Comcast, control the underlying network that powers the internet. Websites like Facebook and Twitter provide a powerful service on top of that network.

FCC TV Ownership Rules and Unintended Consequences

[Commentary] I have longtime friends who believe that the public interest requires the Federal Communications Commission to strictly limit the ownership of multiple TV stations. I genuinely understand and respect their opinions.