Coverage of how Internet service is deployed, used and regulated.

The People Speak

The people’s verdict is in. A slew of recent polls make clear that most Americans, nearly 80%, support keeping the network neutrality rules that are the foundation of an open internet.

How Title II Harms Consumers and Innovators

The Federal Communications Commission’s 2015 Open Internet Order follows years of advocacy to implement network neutrality rules, which appears to contravene Congress’ intention that the internet be free of regulation and the people’s will for a f

Smaller Manufacturers Take Aim at Title II

A group of small and mid-sized manufacturers of broadband network products has told the Federal Communications Commission to roll back Title II, just one in a wave of comments coming in to the FCC by July 17, the deadline for initial comments in F

Rate Regulation By Any Other Name

[Commentary] At bottom, network neutrality is nothing more than good old-fashioned rate regulation.

To battle hackers, IBM wants to encrypt the world

IBM said that it has achieved a breakthrough in security technology that will allow every business, from banks to retailers to travel-booking companies, to encrypt their customer data on a massive scale — turning most, if not all, of their digital

Free State Does Math on Broadband Investment

As part of Federal Communications Commission Cgairman Ajit Pai's proposal to roll back Title II and review network neutrality regulations, the agency is proposing to use a "multiplier" to calculate the amount, if any, of lost investment from Title

The net neutrality fight is also about protecting your privacy online

[Commentary] If there's anything lawmakers should have learned from activists over the past few years it's this: Do not make the internet angry.

Cracks in Democrat wall on net neutrality?

Key tech industry leaders are expressing openness to having Congress step in to legislate net neutrality — putting pressure on Democrats who've been adamantly opposed to such a move.

AT&T CEO to Separate Telecom, Media Businesses After Time Warner Merger

AT&T plans to separate its telecom operations from its media assets after clinching a takeover of Time Warner, putting veteran AT&T executive John Stankey in charge of the Time Warner business, according to people familiar with the matter.