Coverage of how Internet service is deployed, used and regulated.

Activists, Democratic Lawmakers plan net neutrality rally outside FCC

Activists are planning a protest outside the Federal Communications Commission on Dec 14 as the agency is expected to vote to repeal its landmark network neutrality rules.

How Google Fiber turned 2017 into its comeback year

Google Fiber showed new life in 2017, after a near death experience in late 2016. The fiber internet pioneer launched in three new cities—Huntsville (AL), Louisville (KY), and San Antonio (TX)—in 2017.

Private Providers Spent Nearly $1 Million to Fight Municipal Broadband in One Small Colorado City

New financial disclosures for a November ballot initiative show that a group backed by private internet providers spent just over $900,000 to try and block city-owned broadband service in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Court: Axia must keep 'middle-mile' broadband network operating

A May court order requiring continued operation of the state's $90 million "middle-mile" broadband network remains in effect, despite an effort to quash it.  That development comes as the arcane legal dispute mushrooms, nine months after the netwo

If Net Neutrality Is Repealed, What Will It Mean For People Who Don't Have Broadband Yet?

Right now, cities and towns have a little bit of leverage when talking to cable companies about installing fiber networks, according to Harvard law professor Susan Crawford. "Through saying, 'Look, come and build this network for us.

FTC, FCC Outline Agreement to Coordinate Online Consumer Protection Efforts Following Adoption of The Restoring Internet Freedom Order

The Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced their intent to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) under which the two agencies would coordinate online consumer protection efforts following the adopti

As net neutrality repeal looms, Boulder takes closer look at city-owned broadband

It's going to cost somewhere between $70 and $140 million, officials estimate, to build out the underground fiber-to-the-premises network that Boulder (CO) needs to make community-wide broadband a reality.

Net neutrality is on its way out. But that might not be so bad for Sacramento

[Commentary] Some of you might recall that in Nov, Verizon announced it would make Sacramento the first city in the country to have 5G – or fifth-generation – residential wireless broadband service.

This is the future if net neutrality is repealed; the creeping, costly death of media freedom

[Commentary] If you’re scared of a future America without network neutrality, I want to terrify you.

Mobile-Wireless Market Might Be Our Post Net-Neutrality World

With the rules governing internet services set to be rolled back this week, service providers and their detractors are envisioning new models that could translate into a wider range of fees—both lower and higher.