Coverage of how Internet service is deployed, used and regulated.

How Twitter Killed the First Amendment

[Commentary] In this age of “new” censorship and blunt manipulation of political speech, where is the First Amendment? Americans like to think of it as the great protector of the press and of public debate.

Without net neutrality in Portugal, the internet is bundled like a cable package

Lisbon-based telecommunications firm MEO has been rolling out packages that provide users with data plans limited to specific apps.

Commissioner Mignon Clyburn Statement on FCC Majority's Lifeline Proposal

As I participate today in Silicon Harlem's annual conference, I'm reminded of the 929,000 New Yorkers, including those who live and work in the heart of Harlem, that depend on the Federal Communications Commission's Lifeline program for affordable

Mobile Broadband Service Is Not an Adequate Substitute for Wireline

This report analyzes the current and emerging generation of mobile wireless technologies and Compares those technologies to wireline technologies such as fiber‐to‐the‐premises (FTTP), cable broadband, and copper DSL across a range of technical par

An Energetic November

At our November open meeting, we'll be tackling top priorities: curtailing unlawful robocalls, unleashing 5G wireless connectivity, enabling the next generation of broadcast television, speeding infrastructure deployment, and modernizing our media

Pai Lifeline Proposal is Sad for Anyone Who Believes in Truly Universal Service

Intended initially as a mechanism to reduce the cost of phone service for low-income customers, the bipartisan Lifeline program has worked in lockstep with telephone providers and consumers to increase the uptake in phone service throughout the co

House Judiciary Committee to hold Nov 1 hearing on net neutrality, antitrust issues

The House Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing on network neutrality and the role of antitrust for Nov 1.

Big Tech’s Rivals Pounce at Chances to Win in Washington

For years, the country’s biggest technology companies have been virtually untouchable in Washington. The public adored the companies’ new devices, educators embraced their tools and politicians extolled their contributions to the economy.

Telecom Lobbyists Fund MI Lawmaker Who Sponsors Bill To Ban Municipal Broadband

A freshman Michigan state representative introduced a sweeping bill last week that would ban any city and town in the state from using public funds to provide municipal broadband service — publicly owned internet infrastructure.

Misconceptions about KentuckyWired

[Commentary] In the interest of openness and transparency, the Kentucky Communications Network Authority (KCNA) would like to address some statements about KentuckyWired that have appeared in the public forum lately.