Coverage of how Internet service is deployed, used and regulated.

In Theory: Would an end to net neutrality stifle religious speech online?

[Commentary] Does the elimination of network neutrality threaten religious speech? Should Congress cement into law the right to equal access on the World Wide Web?

No, The Death Of Net Neutrality Will Not Be Subtle

[Commentary] Even among folks that support network neutrality, there's pretty clearly a contingent that still believes the damage caused by the repeal of the rules will somehow be subtle.

Frontier reaches over 275K broadband customers in California with CAF-II help

Frontier has extended broadband service to over 275,000 households across CA, using a mix of its own capital and the Federal Communications Commission's Connect America Fund Phase II program funding.

Net Neutrality Group 'Fight for the Future' Targets Democrats and Republicans

Fight for the Future is taking the gloves off in its effort to battle the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission's party line vote to roll back network neutrality rules and deed primary Internet regulatory authority to the Federal

President Trump and Congress prepare to tackle broadband expansion in 2018

Expanding access to broadband has emerged as one of the few issues that enjoys bicameral and bipartisan support on Capitol Hill, and 2018 is shaping up to be the year in which the White House, Congress, and the private sector unite to bridge the d

Net Neutrality Repeal Led 2017 Tech Policy, But 2018 Legislative and Legal Fights Loom

Here’s a rundown of promises kept, partially fulfilled and in need of action come 2018:

Net Neutrality’s Dead. The Battle to Resurrect It Is Just Beginning.

Internet activists and some politicians are ramping up efforts to overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s network neutrality decision, or to reimpose net neutrality rules through legislation.

After Net Neutrality, Experts Expect Changes to FCC’s E-Rate

With network neutrality in the rearview mirror, is E-Rate next on the Federal Communications Commission’s chopping block?  Experts admit it’s possible, if unlikely, but suggest a more probable series of modest changes in the short term.

Net Neutrality Is Gone For Now. But Here's Everything That's Next

Here’s how the concept of a free and open internet will continue to exist despite the repelation of these net neutrality regulations.

What Net Neutrality Really Means For You (And For Us)

[Commentary] The repeal of network neutrality isn’t great news for consumers.