Coverage of how Internet service is deployed, used and regulated.

Benton Research Fellow Christopher Ali Shares Broadband Lessons Learned: Large Telecom Has Failed Rural America

As he was researching an upcoming book on rural broadband policy — including reviewing every comment filed with the Federal Communications Commission or the US Department of Agriculture about the 2009 broadband stimulus program, the Broadband Oppo

Tribal Technology Assessment: The State of Internet Service on Tribal Lands

Federal data continues to show tribal lands are the least connected areas of the country.

Thirty-One Percent of U.S. Households Lack a Broadband Connection

Despite the growing popularity of connected devices in the home, including smart devices, streaming media players, and smart TVs, 31 percent of US households do not currently have a broadband connection (25Mbps per second download speed or greater

The city with the best fiber-optic network in America might surprise you

The American city with the most sophisticated fiber network is Ammon, Idaho, population 16,500.

Senator Tina Smith spends time diving deep on broadband and rural economics

Sen Tina Smith (D-MN) hosted a roundtable discussion in Granite Falls (MN) with local leaders and rural community advocates in an attempt to get to the root of rural needs in the broadband game.

USDA Invests $2.85 Million in Rural Broadband for Tennessee Families

The Department of Agriculture's ReConnect Pilot Program is investing  $2,856,167 in high-speed broadband infrastructure to create or improve e-Connectivity for 347 rural households in Tennessee. Tennessee’s Forked Deer Electric Cooperative will us

Commissioner Starks Remarks to SHLB Conference

When you visit today’s libraries, they are a long ways from the Dewey decimal system.

Connecting Communities with High-Performance Broadband

Based on what we’ve learned, we’ve formulated three basic broadband principles for community anchor institution policy.

Sen Wyden Introduces Comprehensive Bill to Secure Americans’ Personal Information and Hold Corporations Accountable

Sen Ron Wyden (R-OR) introduced sweeping new privacy legislation, the Mind Your Own Business Act, to create the strongest-ever protections for Americans’ private data and to hold accountable the corporate executives responsible for abusing our inf