Spectrum warehousing lets corporations control the price of the internet in the developing world

Companies like OneWeb and Elon Musk’s Starlink have been moving forward on ambitious plans to make internet available to every person on earth, which is a noble goal considering an estimated 4.3 billion people don’t have internet access. The probl

Trump administration cites augmented reality, satellite broadband as ‘transformative’ infrastructure projects

The Trump administration wants to spend $20 billion on a range of risky but potentially “transformative” infrastructure projects, such as satellite networks to provide rural broadband, new launchpads for private rockets, and “augmented reality” te

This New Wave Of Satellite Broadband Could Challenge Cable And Fiber

satellite internet has been the service of last resort for people who live in places where cable and telco broadband can’t reach.

Chairman Pai Remarks at Satellite Industry Association Dinner

I want to thank the satellite industry for your contributions to our economy and quality of life, which sometimes go underappreciated. I want to express my appreciation for all that you do when disaster strikes.

There’s something strange going on amid the satellite Internet rush

As Feb 22's SpaceX launch of two test satellites vividly demonstrated, several companies are moving ahead with ambitious plans to design, build, and fly hardware capable of delivering broadband Internet from space.

A wave of new tech could give you more choice in broadband providers

SpaceX's worldwide network of thousands of orbiting devices that can beam Internet signals down to earth from low orbit, 5G data, and more efficient use of our airwaves -- all these could boost competition in your local broadband market in the com

FCC Chairman Pai Statement On Spacex Satellite Broadband Application

To bridge America’s digital divide, we’ll have to use innovative technologies.

The Race for Space-Based Internet Is On

Internet access beamed down from space could drastically change the way we get online.

FCC Grants Experimental License for Project Loon to Operate in Puerto Rico

The Federal Communications Commission has granted an experimental license for Project Loon, led by Google's parent company Alphabet, to help provide emergency cellular service in Puerto Rico.

SpaceX and OneWeb broadband satellites raise fears about space debris

Thousands of new satellites are expected to be launched into low-Earth orbit in the coming years to provide high-speed broadband, and the projects have caused concern for experts and government officials who worry about a worsening space debris pr