Government & Communications

Attempts by governmental bodies to improve or impede communications with or between the citizenry.

Cross-Departmental Collaboration Increasingly Vital to Digital Inclusion

As life increasingly migrates into the digital realm, more agencies within municipal government are finding that digital inclusion — the effort to provide all residents with equal access to technology, as well as the related skills to benefit — is

Facing political crisis, President Trump leans on familiar ally: Fox News

President Donald Trump has swatted away swirling questions over his associates' contact with Russian officials by questioning the legitimacy -- if not the existence -- of unnamed sources cited in stories about the ongoing investigation into the Kr

Sean Spicer Holds Uncharacteristically Short Press Briefings

For two days in a row, since returning from President Trump's trip abroad, the White House press secretary has held uncharacteristically short press briefings in which he claimed not to know the answer to questions, outsourced questions to other o

White House IT Director Gets Lobbying Waiver

Christopher Liddell, the White House director of strategic initiatives, was granted a 90-day waiver to conduct White House business while his trust divested assets that were deemed to be in conflict with his new position.

During the campaign and the early months of his presidency, the concern over Trump’s Twitter use was political. Now the worry is increasingly legal.

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when President Donald Trump refrained from flamethrowing messages on Twitter. That time is over. Never mind that his aides have asked him to stop. Never mind that now the lawyers have told him to stop.

Why Is Access To Public Records Still So Frustratingly Complicated?

The Freedom of Information Act, often known as FOIA, has been used by journalists, activists, and private citizens to get access to federal government records since it went into effect in 1967.

President Trump's use of private cellphone raises security concerns

President Donald Trump has been handing out his cellphone number to world leaders and urging them to call him directly, an unusual invitation that breaks diplomatic protocol and is raising concerns about the security and secrecy of the US commande

Fight for the Future Cites More 'Fake' FCC Comments

Fight for the Future sees dead people. At least it says a few have somehow filed anti-Title II comments to the Federal Communications Commission according to reports from the deceased's friends.

Michael Dubke Resigns as White House Communications Director

Michael Dubke, the White House communications director, announced that he was resigning, as President Donald Trump weighs a broader shake-up of his staff in the face of multiple investigations.

‘Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment,’ Oregon mayor says. He’s wrong.

As his city mourns two men who were killed after confronting a man screaming anti-Muslim slurs, Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) is calling on federal officials to block what he called “alt-right demonstrations” from happening in downtown Portland (OR).