Government & Communications

Attempts by governmental bodies to improve or impede communications with or between the citizenry.

Anxiety of the Capitol Hill Press Mob

[Commentary] On June 12 I was speaking to a veteran Senate reporter about the increasing number of journalists flooding the halls of the Capitol.

Jeff Sessions testifies: Refuses to say whether he spoke to President Trump about Comey’s handling of Russia investigation

Attorney General Jeff Sessions refused to answer repeated questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee June 13 about his private conversations with President Donald Trump, including whether he spoke to Trump about former FBI Director James B.

President Trump's Innovation office in Close Touch with US Digital Service

President Donald Trump’s key advisers appear to be deeply involved in government technology teams founded under Barack Obama.

Democratic Sens Seek Answers About Trump Officials and Encrypted Apps

Top Democratic Sens on the Homeland Security Committee are asking inspectors general at 24 federal agencies to investigate whether Trump Administration officials are skirting federal records laws by using encrypted and vanishing messaging apps.

Senate Republicans crack down on press access

Senate Republicans shocked the Capitol with an apparent crackdown on media access that immediately drew criticism from reporters and lawmakers.

US congressional hearings have been turned from a vital part of democracy into a partisan weapon

Once upon a time, public congressional hearings were a means of helping Americans better understand the workings of their government.

Sending a strong signal on global internet freedom

[Commentary] Among the range of complex foreign policy issues yet to be addressed by the Trump administration is a serious concern for global internet freedom.

5G, Smart Cities and Communities of Color

This report examines the implications for communities of color of fifth-generation wireless technology (also known as 5G) and Smart City technology.

COVFEFE Act would make social media a presidential record

Rep Mike Quigley (D-IL) introduced legislation to classify presidential social media posts — including President Donald Trump's much-discussed tweets — as presidential records.

When 'bots' outnumber humans, the public comment process is meaningless

[Commentary] Over the last month, the Federal Communications Commission received 2.6 million public comments critical of Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to roll back President Obama’s "network neutrality" rules.