Court case

Developments in telecommunications policy being made in the legal system.

Prometheus Sues Pai FCC Over Broadcast Deregulation

Prometheus Radio Project has filed suit against the Federal Communications Commission's recent decision to eliminate the newspaper-broadcast crossownership and loosen other broadcast regulations, saying the FCC "ignores evidence in the record, mis

Trump’s argument in record-keeping case: ‘Courts cannot review the president’s compliance with the Presidential Records Act’

Can a federal court decide whether the White House is breaking presidential record-keeping laws, such as by using encrypted apps that automatically erase messages once they’re read or issuing executive orders to avoid creating a paper trail access

What's Next for Net Neutrality in Congress and the Courts

[Commentary] With each congressional office getting thousands of calls for Network Neutrality and close to zero supporting Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai — and with Net Neutrality looking like a real issue in the 2018 election

Editorial: It's up to Congress to save the internet

[Commentary] The Restoring Internet Freedom order was a triumph of ideology over sense, sacrificing the interests of internet users and innovators on the altar of deregulatory purity.

Mozilla Files Suit Against FCC to Protect Net Neutrality

Mozilla filed a petition in federal court in Washington, DC, against the Federal Communications Commission for its recent decision to overturn the 2015 Open Internet Order. It relies on the core principle of net neutrality (that all internet traff

New America Challenges FCC Chairman Pai’s Net Neutrality Repeal by Filing Protective Petition for Review in DC Circuit

New America's Open Technology Institute became one of the first parties to challenge the Federal Communications Commission’s harmful order repealing the net neutrality rules by filing a protective petition for review in the DC Circuit.

Public Knowledge Files Protective Petition in DC Circuit Regarding Net Neutrality Rollback

Public Knowledge filed a protective petition in the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit to urge the court to review the Federal Communications Commission’s rollback of net neutrality rules. 

Free Press Among First to Take FCC to Court for Unpopular and Unjustified Net Neutrality Decision

Free Press filed a petition for review of the Federal Communications Commission’s unpopular Dec.

NY Attorney General Schneiderman Files Suit To Stop Illegal Rollback Of Net Neutrality

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman led a coalition of 22 Attorneys General in filing a multistate lawsuit to block the Federal Communications Commission’s illegal rollback of net neutrality.

Supreme Court will decide if online retailers must collect sales tax

The Supreme Court agreed to reconsider one of the most contentious issues in the business world: whether online retailers must collect sales taxes.