FCC Proposes Capping Fund Used to Close the Digital Divide

On Friday, May 31, the Federal Communications Commission launched a proceeding to seek comment on establishing an overall cap on the Universal Service Fund (USF).

Affordable Broadband for Students Hinges on FCC’s EBS Proceeding

I know firsthand what it’s like living on the wrong side of the digital divide because my local community in rural Minnesota has been experiencing it for far too long.

Why is the FCC Talking about a USF Cap?

The Benton Foundation unequivocally opposes any proposals from the Federal Communications Commission that would allow the FCC to shirk its responsibilities to meet its Congressionally-mandated mission. The FCC is supposed to ensure:

Benton Foundation, EducationSuperHighway Highlight E-rate Administration Flaws

The Benton Foundation and EducationSuperHighway met with Federal Communications Commission Wireline Competition Bureau staff and separately with legal advisors to Chairman Pai and Commissioners Rosenworcel and Starks on March 7, 2019, to discuss a

E-Rate remains critical to school broadband connectivity

In its ninth annual E-Rate Trends Report, compliance firm Funds For Learning finds the Federal Communications Commission's connectivity discount program for schools and libraries remains crucial to providing broadband access for many, with 88% of

Modernizing the E-Rate Program for Schools and Libraries NPRM

The Federal Communications Commission’s E-Rate program is a vital source of support for connectivity to—and within—schools and libraries.

Commissioner Rosenworcel Remarks at Digital Equity Summit 2019

According to the Senate Joint Economic Committee, there are 12 million kids all across the country who lack the internet access they now need for nightly schoolwork.  According to the Associated Press, nearly one in five students nationwide falls

Benton Urges FCC to Reject Proposal that Would Harm Competition and Consumers

On July 1, 2019, the Benton Foundation urged the Federal Communications Commission to dismiss a proposal that would require E-Rate program par

New America Urges FCC to Reject Petition That Would Harm Schools and Libraries

New America’s Open Technology Institute called on the Federal Communications Commission to reject a petition that would harm the E-Rate program, whi

Commissioner O'Rielly Remarks Before the Hudson Institute on USF Budget

Why pursue an overall Universal Service Fund (USF) budget and what benefit would it bring? First and foremost, a budget is necessary to protect the investments of ratepayers who pay for our programs. Second, a topline budget would force the Federa