60% of Farmers Say They Don't Have Good Enough Internet to Run Their Business

Sixty percent of farmers say they don't have enough internet connectivity to run their businesses, and that has influenced critical business decisions and overall profitability, according to a recent study funding by the United Soybean Board.

Chairman Pai Blog: Setting the Standard for Rural Connectivity

  • Over the past several months, the Federal Communications Commission has been reviewing our testing procedures for measuring whether carriers receiving support from our Connect America Fund high cost program are building networks that meet the

Remarks of FCC Commissioner O'Rielly before the FCBA Young Lawyers Committee Universal Service Fund Seminar

I’d like to outline a few areas of our Universal Service Fund policy that I am currently focused on and address certain matters in need of attention.

Where The 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand On Broadband Issues

Broadband is emerging as a critical campaign issue for the US 2020 presidential election, and there’s good reason: nearly 60 million people in the US do not have broadband service at home. Despite this staggering fact, only four of the 14 presiden

5G Will Mean Better Speeds and Telehealth, FCC Chairman Pai Says

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai visited Abilene (KS) Memorial Hospital recently to observe how broadband connects the local emergency department with specialists in South Dakota.  “5G promises speeds that are 100 times as fast

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai talks rural broadband at Wichita conference

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai spoke to a group trying to get internet access to more people in Kansas.

Comcast promised not to raise prices—guess what happened next

Comcast offered customers in Utah a "lifetime" price guarantee in order to compete against Google Fiber, then later violated the lifetime promise by raising those customers' prices, according to a lawsuit pending in a federal court.

The Right Way to Regulate Digital Platforms

Based on growing signs that platforms are tipping toward monopoly in key market functions, it is very likely that antitrust is not enough of a solution without targeted regulation that opens markets to new competition. Perhaps the most important c

North Carolina looks to challenge FCC over broadband coverage

North Carolina officials are streamlining a self-reporting tool that allows residents to document their internet speed, in hopes of mounting a challenge against the Federal Communication Commission’s broadband coverage map data. Jeff Sural, direct

“The cruel irony of the digital divide” in Colorado: Urban poor are left behind even as access, technology improves

When money is tight, Elysia Lucero has to make a choice: Pay the internet bill or buy food for her family.  She bought food last month.