DOJ issues new warning to big tech: Data and privacy could be competition concerns

Makan Delrahim, the Justice Department’s top antitrust enforcer, warned tech giants that amassing vast quantities of consumers’ data could create competition concerns in the eyes of federal regulators, marking the US government’s latest shot acros

Overbuilding Broadband Networks With Public Funds Harms Consumers

Jonathan Sallet, now a Senior Fellow of the Benton Institute for Broadband and Society and FCC General Counsel during Tom Wheeler's chairmanship of the Obama-era Federal Communications Commission, has published a new paper titled, "

International price comparisons: An area of further research

The keen interest by politicians, regulators, and competition authorities in international price rankings has sparked a series of management consultancies to produce regularly studies that purport to compare and rank prices for mo

FCC Grants Charter Communications' Effective Competition Petition

The Federal Communications Commission adopted an Order granting Charter Communication’s Petition for Determination of Effective Competition, based on a finding that Charter is subject to effective competition from the AT&T TV NOW video streami

Benton Research Fellow Christopher Ali Shares Broadband Lessons Learned: Large Telecom Has Failed Rural America

As he was researching an upcoming book on rural broadband policy — including reviewing every comment filed with the Federal Communications Commission or the US Department of Agriculture about the 2009 broadband stimulus program, the Broadband Oppo

The city with the best fiber-optic network in America might surprise you

The American city with the most sophisticated fiber network is Ammon, Idaho, population 16,500.

Connecting Communities with High-Performance Broadband

Based on what we’ve learned, we’ve formulated three basic broadband principles for community anchor institution policy.


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Q&A with Delaware CIO James Collins on Digital Inclusion

A Q&A with National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) President and Delaware CIO James Collins.