Public Knowledge in Comments to FCC: High Speed Broadband Benchmark is Far Too Low

Public Knowledge filed comments and reply comments urging the Federal Communications Commission to increase its current broadband benchmark speed to at least 100 Mbps downstream based on evidence that American consumers already are using those spe

Broadband Operator Profile: Tennessee WISP Progressive Broadband Has Ambitious Plans, Including Fiber-to-the-Home

Rural Solutions, which does business as Progressive Broadband, is a wireless Internet service provider (WISP) with ambitious goals.

CenturyLink scored billions in CAF II funds, eyes the next giveaway: RDOF

CenturyLink has benefited the most from the Connect America Fund (CAF) II, a Federal Communications Commission program that has awarded Universal Service Funds to telecommunication operators to build broadband in unserved and underserved areas of

Remarks of FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks to Next Century Cities Opportunities for Bipartisan Tech Policy 2020

In 2020 and beyond, my principal focus will be ensuring that our communications networks and technologies support security, privacy, and our democratic values. Internet inequality is a persistent problem that is only growing in urgency.

Rural Service Provider Groups Oppose New Speed Tier Proposed for RDOF

At least two rural service provider groups have voiced opposition to the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to add a new 50/5 Mbps speed tier to the bidding categories for the proposed Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF).

The Cost of Connectivity in Ammon, Idaho

Municipal broadband networks can have a positive impact on their communities.

Do You Pay Too Much for Internet Service? See How Your Bill Compares.

Americans in low-income neighborhoods and rural areas get slower broadband speeds even though they generally pay similar monthly prices as their counterparts in wealthy and urban areas.

Massachusetts Pursues Its Own Route to Broadband Expansion

Conventional wisdom says a town with less than 200 people wouldn’t have the resources to establish and maintain high-speed Internet for its residents.

We Need Broadband Internet for All

Nearly half of Americans do not have an internet connection that meets minimum broadband speeds. Moreover, a staggering number of poor people of color do not have home internet access of any kind.


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