California’s Broadband Fund Ignores Fiber and Favors Slow DSL

The California Advanced Services Fund (CASF), a program launched in 2008 to connect all Californians to high-speed Internet, was an early success.

'As essential as roads': How North Dakota became a broadband leader

North Dakota has fostered a tech sector thanks in part to being one of the most connected states in the country — a giant feat considering it’s also one of the most rural.

North Carolina Takes a Deeper Look at Statewide Access, Adoption, Digital Divide

The North Carolina Department of Information Technology (NCDIT) shared data indices that shine a light on the state of broadband access, adoption, and how the digital divide plays out across the state. The indices look at county-level data and rev

Waterloo, Cedar Falls Utilities fear new broadband rules in Iowa

Cities with their own broadband utilities and those looking to start them are hoping to disconnect Iowa statehouse proposals restricting their operation.

America’s monopoly problem, explained by your internet bill

A trend that all Americans should be aware of — and angry about: Across industry after industry, sector after sector, power and market share have been consolidated into the hands of handful of players. In 2019, New York University economist Thomas

Sen Manchin Announces Webpage to Submit Speed Test Results, Learn More About Efforts to Improve Internet Connectivity in West Virginia

Sen Joe Manchin (D-WV) announced a new webpage where constituents can complete and submit an internet speed test to the Federal Communications Commission, and learn more about the fight to bring reliable broadband to rural communities across West

Can New York City fix what ails American broadband?

New York City unveiled a massive new Internet Master Plan in Jan that experts say is the largest and most aggressive local broadband improvement project in US history.

Neighborhood broadband data makes it clear: We need an agenda to fight digital poverty

The digital gap between urban and rural parts of the country tends to garner the most attention.

USTelecom Industry Metrics and Trends 2020: The Broadband Boom

USTelecom released its Industry Metrics and Trends 2020 report highlighting key elements of the broadband boom and investment story.

Agriculture + Broadband = Fighting Climate Change

Advanced broadband is a high-tech phenomenon of today. Farming is a practice that stretches back ten thousand years.