Why Is South Korea a Global Broadband Leader?

How did South Korea become a global broadband leader? Electronic Frontier Foundation did a deep dive into this question and has produced the following report.

Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon Should Suspend Data Caps Because of Coronavirus

For years, US broadband providers have taken advantage of a lack of US competition by imposing arbitrary and expensive broadband usage caps and "overage fees." With the country facing a massive surge in videoconferencing and home learning thanks t

FCC under fire from senators over rural broadband funding limitations

The Federal Communications Commission’s latest plan to expand high-speed internet access across the country has come under criticism by Members of Congress who fear over $20 billion in funding might not make it to the communities that need it most

Comcast, Charter expand broadband domination as cable hits 67% market share

Led by Comcast and Charter, the cable industry increased its dominance of US home Internet in 2019, finishing the year with a 67-percent market share.

Tell The Story We Know: Broadband Competition is Too Limited

I was General Counsel of the Federal Communications Commission when it sought the preemption of state laws in Tennessee and North Carolina that limited the ability of municipalities to promote broadband.

Data Protection is About Power, Not Just Privacy

Historically, privacy was about protecting aspects of your life from being shared with people in your life you didn’t want to know that information. The use of data to manipulate me

Alaskan Telephone Co-op to Connect Remote Village With Fiber, Wireless Middle Mile

In 1999, Yakutat (AK) became home to one of Alaska’s first surf shops. Now, two decades later, the coastal community of 600 people is looking at another first for the community — high-speed Internet access.

'White Space' Tech Could Soon Bring Better Broadband to Rural America

On Feb 28 the Federal Communications Commission voted to approve a new order paving the way for the expanded use of “white space broadband,” a promising technology that uses the spectrum freed from the shift to digital television to beam broadband

FCC Seeks Comment on Competition in the Communications Marketplace

In the last quarter of every even numbered year, the Federal Communications Commission must publish a Communications Marketplace Report that, among other things, assesses the state of competition in the communications marketplace, including compet

It’s time to regulate internet service like any other utility

Less competition almost always means diminished service and higher prices.