The Latest Round of FTC Competition and Consumer Protection Hearings

The Federal Trade Commission this week held another set of hearings on Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century. The hearings and public comment process this Fall and Winter will provide opportunities for FTC staff and leadership to

A Vision for the 2020s: Access to Broadband in the Next Decade

American democracy, like any democracy, requires the freedom to speak. But American democracy has always recognized the corollary: the strength of speech rests on access to communications networks.

Competition Policy for an Open Internet Ecosystem

In my Georgetown Law Technology Review article, I propose a new policy framework to restore an open Internet ecosystem.

Setting the Bar for Public Funding: Aiming Higher with the Connect America Fund

[Commentary] How can we improve the biggest tool to closing the digital divide in the Federal Communications Commission’s toolbox: the Connect America Fund. Back in 2011, the FCC adopted a performance goal for the Connect America Fund of ensuring

Chairman Pai's Response to Senators Regarding the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund

On March 9, 24 senators wrote to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to express concerns about key details of the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF), particularly excluding areas that are awarded funding through the US Departmen

From Rural Divides to Local Solutions

A photo essay that is part of a 10-city tour to surface America's persistent digital divide. 

Senators Call on FCC to Evaluate How Net Neutrality Repeal Negatively Impacts Public Safety, Universal Access, and Broadband Competition

Twenty-eight senators wrote a letter to the Federal Communications Commission demanding that it consider how repealing net neutrality could negatively impact public safety, universal access, and broadband competition. In October 2019, the US Court

Rural broadband in the time of coronavirus

If rural America returns to broadband as usual, it will mean public institutions like libraries sometimes serving as the only broadband link for communities.

‘White Space’ Internet Could Connect the US’s Isolated Places

The digital divide in the most isolated parts of the United States is reinforced by risky economic propositions and geographic barriers to connectivity, but a technology in its infancy — TV white space broadband — may help communities clear these

Our Broadband Moment–Acting Now and Looking Forward

We are in a moment of intertwined public-health and economic crises; a time when immediate measures are in motion to protect our people and protect our ability to survive economically. Nothing is more important.