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Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie warns that Facebook targeting threatens free speech

Christopher Wylie, the whistleblower who outed Cambridge Analytica for improperly accessing millions of Facebook users’ personal information, warned that unchecked data collection and targeting on social media threaten Web users’ privacy — and the

Doubling Down: Inequality in Responsiveness and the Policy Preferences of Elected Officials

Is bias in responsiveness to constituents conditional on the policy preferences of elected officials?

Net Neutrality Activists Get It in Gear

Network neutrality activist groups were lining up their protest efforts June 11 as the Federal Communications Commission's rules against online blocking, throttling and paid prioritization sunset in favor of a deregulatory regime centered on Feder

The FCC Wants $200 to Release Emails About Ajit Pai's Giant Reese's Mug

The Federal Communication Commission wants more than $200 to release e-mails related to Chairman Ajit Pai’s novelty, oversized coffee mug under the Freedom of Information Act.  The mug gained mild notoriety after Chairman Pai was photographed with

No, Twitter still isn’t subject to the First Amendment — even if a judge said Trump’s account is

[Analysis] The ruling that President Trump violated the constitutional rights of Americans when he blocked some of his Twitter followers after they criticized him politically raises many more questions about the extent of those First Amendment obl

President Trump cannot block Twitter users for their political views, court rules

President Donald Trump's decision to block his Twitter followers for their political views is a violation of the First Amendment, a federal judge ruled May 23, saying that President Trump's effort to silence his critics is not permissible under th

Bringing the Public Back In: Can the Comment Process Be Fixed?

[Speech] Something here is not right—and what is wrong is not confined to the Federal Communications Commission. Because fake comments and stolen identities are pouring into proceedings across Washington.


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Wed, 05/09/2018 - 14:00 to 16:00

The public deserves a voice in the decisions we make as a democracy, including the regulations that govern our economy, foster competitive markets, and protect individual rights. In recent decades, the public comment process for agency decision-making has been the principal way in which government agencies understand and reflect the view of not only experts but average citizens whose lives will be affected by these choices. In order to participate meaningfully in decisions, citizens also need access to information about the agency and the data it has collected.

As the net neutrality CRA deadline in Congress approaches, support continues to grow

The Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal its net neutrality rules in December 2017. “The backlash to the repeal was overwhelming from internet users across the political spectrum.

Facebook is in crisis mode. The teacher strikes show it can still serve a civic purpose.

If there’s ever a moment to capture the existential crisis at Facebook, it was these past couple of weeks.