Pay-TV services delivered by companies like Comcast and Time Warner. "Must-carry" refers to requirments that cable operators provide the signals of local TV broadcasters over their systems.

The wild west of children's entertainment

An explosion of new digital options for kids' entertainment has pulled children's attention away from live TV to instant, on-demand programming, bringing with it new challenges for producers, policymakers and parents. TV networks are trying to mod

How chyrons took on a life of their own

They’ve become a facet of almost every news broadcast, as familiar as the anchor sitting behind a desk.

What happens to Spectrum cable customers if Charter gets kicked out of New York?

The New York Public Service Commission's order to revoke it's approval for Charter's acquisition of Time Warner Cable envisions Charter coming up with a plan for its own replacement.

No Shortage of Ways to Bring TV Prices Down

The financial challenges YouTube TV and other “virtual cable” providers face is a good illustration of some points we’ve been making at Public Knowledge for a while. "These streaming services have yet to figure out how to make money.

Fox News Once Gave Trump a Perch. Now It’s His Bullhorn.

In 2011, Fox News announced that a new guest would appear weekly on “Fox & Friends,” its chummy morning show. “Bold, brash, and never bashful,” a network ad declared.

Does Disney or Comcast Have a Better Shot at Regulatory Approval for Fox Deal?

While offering billions in a bidding war for most of 21st Century Fox’s TV and film assets, both Disney and Comcast are also on the front lines of a battle of words, each trying to position its bid as the one most likely to gain regulatory approva

In 2019, people will spend more time online than they will watching TV. That’s a first.

It’s finally happening: In 2019, people around the world will spend more time online than they do watching TV, according to new data from measurement company Zenith.

FCC Proposes to Modernize Leased Access Rules

The Federal Communications Commission voted to approve a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking to update its leased access rules, which require cable operators to set aside channel capacity for commercial use by unaffiliated video programm

FCC Regulatory Free Arena

[Press release] As consequential as the Federal Communications Commission can be in communications policy, it is critical for those in leadership positions to acknowledge that its authority and reach is inherently limited.

FCC Commissioner O'Rielly asks Amazon and eBay to boost crackdown on pirate TV boxes

Pirate TV boxes that falsely display the Federal Communications Commission logo should be removed from Amazon and eBay, said FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly.  Commissioner O'Rielly wrote a letter to the Amazon and eBay CEOs asking them to crack