What's on the agenda for policymakers.

FCC Chairman Pai Delivering Big For Broadcast On Nov 16

[Commentary] Broadcasters have been expecting good things from new Federal Communications Commission chief Ajit Pai. And he didn’t disappoint with the agenda for Nov's FCC meeting. There was good news on two fronts.

Consumer Protection in the 21st Century

[Commentary] It is this committee’s mission to protect consumers, and in the coming months, we will be taking a more expansive look at the online experience to ensure safety, security, and an unfiltered flow of information.

An Energetic November

At our November open meeting, we'll be tackling top priorities: curtailing unlawful robocalls, unleashing 5G wireless connectivity, enabling the next generation of broadcast television, speeding infrastructure deployment, and modernizing our media

House Judiciary Committee to hold Nov 1 hearing on net neutrality, antitrust issues

The House Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing on network neutrality and the role of antitrust for Nov 1.

Remarks Of FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr At Competitive Carriers Association's 25th Annual Convention

Since this is my first official speech, I want to highlight a few of the issues I hope to focus on during my time on the Federal Communications Commission. I intend for this to be the beginning of a conversation.

Big Tech’s Rivals Pounce at Chances to Win in Washington

For years, the country’s biggest technology companies have been virtually untouchable in Washington. The public adored the companies’ new devices, educators embraced their tools and politicians extolled their contributions to the economy.

The FCC plans to roll back some of its biggest rules against media consolidation

The Federal Communications Commission will vote in Nov to eliminate a decades-old rule designed to preserve media diversity in local markets, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said Oct 25.

Sen Graham prods tech giants to testify on Russia

Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that he is talking with Google, Facebook, and Twitter about testifying before the Judiciary Committee about Russia's social media manipulation on Oct 31, a day before the tech giants arrive for long-anticipated intel

Sens introduce surveillance reform bill

A group of 11 Sens unveiled a proposal to substantially reform the National Security Agency’s warrantless surveillance program, potentially complicating renewal efforts underway in both chambers.

A Legislative Solution For Net Neutrality May Be Close

[Commentary] It might seem that the prospects for a return to strong bi-partisan Internet policy, which began during the Clinton Administration, are no better now.