A look at how companies try to reach potential customers.

Ad Industry Watchdog Refers Verizon To FCC And FTC Over Broadband Ads

An ad industry watchdog says it will refer Verizon to the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission for refusing to participate in an investigation of ads touting broadband service.

Consumer Groups Take Aim at Navient for Phone Harassment

A half-dozen consumer groups have asked the federal government to take action against Navient, a student loan servicer, and have accused the company of “harassing and abusing” borrowers with repeated automated telephone calls, even after being ask

Democratic Sens Press FCC Not To Allow Straight-to-Voicemail Telemarketing

Democratic Sens are calling on Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai not to allow telemarketers to leave “ringless voicemails” on potential customers' phones.

Survey: Consumers Uncomfortable With Smart TV Data Collection

Consumers aren’t comfortable with their data being collected by smart TVs, according to a survey conducted by Videa, Cox Media’s automated ad platform.

In Political Media First, President Trump Releases Comey Attack Ad

In what appears to be a political media first, a Super Pac controlled by President Donald Trump has released an ad attacking the character of a witness in advance of a highly anticipated Senate hearing.

It would be a mistake for Congress to prohibit targeted advertising online

[Commentary] On its face, the BROWSER Act seems like pro-consumer privacy legislation. But it’s actually an awful deal for Americans who’ve come to depend on free online content and services.

No, Your Phone Didn’t Ring. So Why Voice Mail From a Telemarketer?

It is called ringless voice mail, the latest attempt by telemarketers and debt collectors to reach the masses.

Google prepares publishers for the release of Chrome ad-blocking

News that Google intends to install an ad-blocker in its Chrome browser shocked the tech and publishing world in April. Now, details of how the program will work are starting to become clear.

Time Warner’s CEO says its $85 billion sale to AT&T is all about battling Google and Facebook

Data, data, data. Who’s got it? Tech giants like Google and Facebook, who provide a service directly to their users, and then use that data for ad targeting. It’s why they are dominating online advertising today. Who doesn’t?

How an “Opt-In” Privacy Regime Would Undermine the Internet Ecosystem

[Commentary] The BROWSER Act would establish affirmative consent (“opt in”) requirements for the collection and use of certain data, such as location and web browsing histories.