The Economic Benefits of Ubiquitous Broadband: Why Invest in Broadband Infrastructure and Adoption?

[Commentary] How much is being lost in economic benefits because fixed broadband connectivity is not ubiquitous?

Lots Of People In Cities Still Can’t Afford Broadband

Lack of access to fast internet is typically thought of as a rural problem, but many of the country’s urban areas make a poor showing in the share of adults with access to fast home internet.

Computer and Internet Use Supplement to the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey

As the next installment of a decades-long series of data collections, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) proposes to add 66 questions to the Census Bureau’s November 2017 Current Population Survey (CPS) to gather

'It's digital colonialism': how Facebook's free internet service has failed its users

Free Basics, Facebook’s free, limited internet service for developing markets, is neither serving local needs nor achieving its objective of bringing people online for the first time.

Louisville’s Award-Winning Redlining Map Helps Drive Digital Inclusion Efforts

Louisville (KY) has garnered much praise for an award-winning data map that visualizes the modern day effects of redlining — a practice that dates back to the 1930s, and involves racial and socioeconomic discrimination in certain neighborhoods thr

Seattle Wins National Awards for Digital Equity Efforts

Seattle’s Information Technology Department has won two awards from the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors for its efforts to foster digital inclusion within the city. The awards are:

Remarks of Commissioner Clyburn Appalachian Ohio-West VA Connectivity Summit

If you care about robust broadband, if you care about being able to use the internet without your service provider compromising your privacy, picking winners and losers online, if you want infrastructure built in your communities, then you cannot

New E-Rate Policy Helps school Bridge the 'Homework Gap'

[Commentary] Thanks to a 2016 change in Federal Communications Commission policy, a small school district in central Virginia may have found a way to the bridge the “homework gap.” The homework gap is the lack of digital access at home that can hu

Imagining More From Broadband: High-Speed Access Delivers Impact, Not Just Data

[Commentary] Combine broadband with a 3-D printer, and you transform data into objects that can fix a tractor or help a child thrive.

More than 1,000 income-subsidized housing units in San Francisco are getting free gigabit internet

When residents at San Francisco’s Hunters Point East and West low-income, federally-subsidized housing complex went online, many had access to free gigabit speed internet for the first time.