Section 612(g) of the Communications Act (codified at 47 U.S.C. 532(g)) states:

[A]t such time as cable systems with 36 or more activated channels are available to 70 percent of households within the United States and are subscribed to by 70 percent of the households to which such systems are available, the Commission may promulgate any additional rules necessary to provide diversity of information sources. Any rules promulgated by the Commission pursuant to this subsection shall not preempt authority expressly granted to franchising authorities under this subchapter.

ACA To FCC: Collect Only Current 70/70 Data


The American Cable Association, which represents smaller and mid-sized cable operators, officially asked the Federal Communications Commission to collect only current data in its proposed new 70/70 reporting form, and not to require cable operators to report telephone, digital or cable -modem information for the form.

Barton: No Committee Support for Reregulating Cable

Former House Commerce Committee Chairman Joe Barton (R-TX) said he doesn't think anybody on the committee is interested in reregulating cable, and that while he respects Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin's intellect, he called him "somewhat inconsistent in applying conservative principles to the FCC."

V for Vendetta

NCTA and the NAB are trying to find a win-win blueprint for delivering TV service in the digital age.

Blackburn’s 70/70 Bill a Reality

National Cable & Telecommunications Association president Kyle McSlarrow on Thursday praised the introduction of a bill that would repeal a law that Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin tried to use to hammer cable with new regulations.

Blackburn Bill Would Strip FCC’s 70/70 Authority

Rep Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) will soon introduce the Consumer Freedom of Choice in Cable Act, a bill that would strip the Federal Communications Commission's authority to regulate cable under the 70/70 market-power threshold.

Agency must apply rules fairly, in consumers' interest

Federal Communications Chairman Kevin Martin has the right idea about gaining more regulatory sway over the powerful cable television industry, but his methods to make that point haven't always been on target.

Headline Highlights -- November 2007

November did not see a holiday slowdown in the world of telecommunications policy. In fact, rapid developments seem likely through the rest of 2007.

Headline Highlights -- Media and Telecommunications Policy Developments November 2007

Headline Highlights -- Media and Telecommunications Policy Developments November 2007

November did not see a holiday slowdown in the world of telecommunications policy. In fact, rapid developments seem likely through the rest of 2007.

Hot Numbers: FCC’s 70/70 Data Source Explains the Data

Dan Warren perked up when he realized that Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin was using his company's data to reach the "70/70" cable decision.

FCC Chief Still Standing, if on Shifting Ground

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin J. Martin's ongoing fight with Big Cable has left him bloodied but still standing, say FCC officials, industry executives and public interest groups, and he may now spend the remainder of his tenure with fewer allies.

Blackburn Bill to Strip FCC Authority Even if Cable Reaches 70/70

Reaction to FCC action on cable reaching the "70/70" threshold.

FCC Chair Martin criticized over cable industry report tactics

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin was blasted Tuesday night by members of the agency's own panel, coming after a tumultuous day in which the FCC's monthly meeting was severely delayed.

FCC 11/27 Meeting Recap

Here are links to all the FCC decisions on November 27, 2007.

Cable Industry Wins Compromise on FCC Plans

In the face of a lobbying blitzkrieg by the cable television industry, the Federal Communications Commission drastically scaled back Tuesday evening a proposal by the agency’s chairman to more tightly regulate the industry.

Martin Proposes Seeking More Data on 70/70 Test

Today's Federal Communications Commission meeting has still not started, but here's an update on the "70/70" cable item.

House Judiciary Chairman Asks Tough Questions of FCC Chairman

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) has written Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin with some concerns about media ownership rules and cable a la carte.

"70/70" Debate Comes Down to Wire

Debate continues on whether or not cable operators serve 70% of the households their systems pass.

The FCC Plays 'Monopoly'; Cable Numbers Disputed

An update on the FCC's expected finding that cable has reached the "70/70" threshold, triggering increased regulation.

FCC 11/27 Open Meeting Agenda

On Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission released its agenda for its 11/27 meeting.

Shot Fired Across Martin's Bow on FCC Cable Report

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin’s push to define the cable market in ways that would let him regulate it more actively hit a stumbling block today when Commissioner Robert M. McDowell said he will not go along.

FCC's Cable Plans Draw Fire

Today, 24 House Republicans plan to deliver a letter to Chairman Martin, chiding him for a "misguided and harmful" proposal that would give the FCC more authority to regulate the cable industry.

Media Access Project Data Back Martin’s 70/70 Claim

Media Access Project Friday provided FCC Commissioners Robert McDowell and Deborah Taylor Tate with information supporting Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin's contention, based on data supplied to the FCC, that cable has met the 70/70 threshold.

Hispanic Federation, Latino Clergy Question Martin’s Cable Proposals

Neither the Hispanic Federation nor the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders are buying Federal Communications Commission Chairman Martin's plans for cable.

NCTA Board Members Lobby for Cable

Brian Roberts of Comcast, Glenn Britt of Time Warner Cable, Tom Rutledge of Cablevision Systems and Michael Willner of Insight were in Washington Thursday to lobby at the Federal Communications Commission, Capitol Hill and the White House, stating cable’s case at a time when FCC Chairman Kevin Martin wants to clamp new regulations on the industry.

Kevin Martin Doesn't Hate Cable, He Just Loves Ma Bell

A reasonable and simple explanation for Kevin Martin's inconsistency is that he simply follows the money, and caters to the more powerful lobbying machine.

Did Martin Flunk A Cable Math Quiz?

In his haste to exert more authority over cable by invoking the so-called 70/70 test, set out in 1984 legislation, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin might have tripped over some bad data.

Enlisting The Power Of The Web For A Bit Of Research Help

Feld asks you, the reader, for help: he would like to find out the quarterly basic subscriber statistics for the largest cable operators (Comcast, Time Warner, Cablevision, Cox, and Charter).

Tate, McDowell Seek Warren Communications Data

FCC Commissioners McDowell and Taylor Tate are asking to see Warren Communications data on which the Federal Communications Commission is apparently using to determine that over 70% of the households passed by cable subscribe to the service.

NCTA's McSlarrow: Martin FCC Is Broken

NCTA President Kyle McSlarrow criticized both the process and the proposals of the FCC under Chairman Kevin Martin.

Time For Some Hot Bi-Partisan Action on Cable

The Federal Communications Commission may soon invoke the "70/70" provision to justify regulating cable systems in the name of diversity. But some normally sensible people are buying into the cable spin that this is somehow bad.

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