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How a Trump tariff is strangling American newspapers

Print isn’t dead. But the soaring cost of newsprint is contributing to the slow death of America’s newspapers.

Not just misleading. Not merely false. A lie.

The first denial that Donald Trump knew about hush-money payments to silence women came four days before he was elected president, when his spokeswoman Hope Hicks said, without hedging, “We have no knowledge of any of this.” The second came in Jan

Study: ‘Informed’ Republicans distrust the media in large numbers

As national media organizations contemplate how to mitigate their trust deficit with the American people, a solution emerges from the 2018 Poynter Media Trust Survey: Bag the coverage of President Donald Trump and Congress and the Environmental Pr

About 80 percent of the media are ‘the enemy of the people,’ President Trump says

President Donald Trump sought to clarify how much of the press he sees as “the enemy of the people.” He put it at about 80 percent.