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Will the FCC’s net neutrality repeal grind the Internet to a halt?

Will consumers see a sharp drop in Internet speeds because of the repeal of net neutrality rules? We can’t help but feel that we’ve spilled a lot of pixels here analyzing something that simply hasn’t happened.

As DC sits on the sidelines, these states are looking to regulate Facebook, Google and Twitter

At a time when the US Congress seems paralyzed by partisanship — and either too reluctant or distracted to take on Silicon Valley’s most powerful players — Maryland is among a growing roster of states trying to remedy some of the most pressing ill

White House Communications Director Hope Hicks to resign

Hope Hicks, the White House Communications Director and one of President Donald Trump’s longest-serving and closest political advisers, said that she is leaving the administration sometime in the next few weeks. Hicks, 29, began working for Trump