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Trump thought he could win through sheer media dominance. In reality, it’s killing him.

[Commentary] One of the most cherished assumptions about this race, one explicitly voiced by Donald Trump and even entertained by some neutral observers: Trump can win through sheer media dominance alone.

The most compelling reason to never talk politics on Facebook

There has never been a worse time to declare your politics publicly, according to a new and nationally representative online poll conducted by the Rad Campaign, Craigconnects and Lincoln Strategies.

Alan Perce, Former Chief Economist at the Federal Communications Commission

Dr Alan Perce died at the family home in Lexington (VA) on July 10, 2016. Perce was born November 10, 1937, in Manchester, England.

Facebook could owe $5 billion in back taxes

Facebook is digging in over its fight with the Internal Revenue Service. The social network said that it faces a potential $5 billion tax bill after moving some of its assets to Ireland.

The FCC is pushing Internet innovation forward — and holding it back

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission published a pair of decisions recently that show in sharp contrast the right and wrong ways regulators use their authority to shape the trajectory of disruptive technologies.

Donald Trump’s incredible new defense of his Russia-spying-on-Hillary comments: Just kidding!

A day after making comments calling on Russia to find Hillary Clinton's deleted e-mails, Donald Trump has a novel explanation for all of it: I was joking! Here's his exchange with "Fox and Friends" from July 28:

Washington Post reporter barred, patted down by police, at rally for Mike Pence

Donald Trump’s campaign has denied press credentials to a number of disfavored media organizations, including The Washington Post, but on July 27, the campaign of his running mate, Gov Mike Pence (R-IN), went even further.

Weather Service conducts ‘illegal surveillance’ on staff, union says

If it’s on Facebook, can it be secret? Members of the National Weather Service Employees Organization (NWSEO) thought they had a secret Facebook page that was available only to them.

Jacob Appelbaum was an online privacy hero. Then a scandal exploded.

The Tor Project, a digital privacy group, said July 27 that an internal probe found that Jacob Appelbaum, a former employee who has been held up across the Web as a champion of online privacy, engaged in sexual misconduct.

Internet providers won’t rest until the government’s net-neutrality rules are dead

Internet providers who oppose the government's network neutrality rules will once again take the issue to court as they ask more than a dozen federal judges to throw out the regulations.