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Yes, Sinclair Broadcast Group does cut local news, increase national news and tilt its stations rightward

Critics have claimed that Sinclair — a company with close ties to the Trump Administration and conservative politicians — is pushing its stations away from local coverage and toward a partisan brand of political reporting on national politics.

Facebook makes the Snowden affair look quaint

[Commentary] Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance in Washington is a voluntary, one-off reaction to a scandal.

How Sinclair became the most insidious force in local TV news

Sinclair stands alone in its brazen use of the public airwaves to promote an extreme right-wing agenda to advance its business interests. From its hiring practices to its frequent disregard of journalistic values, the company is an unapologetic ou

A dilemma for pro-Trump media: How to hit Facebook without dinging the president

In the alternate reality constructed by some of President Donald Trump's media boosters, the big question Zuckerberg must answer is not about privacy or propaganda but about Facebook's alleged bias against conservatives. To scrutinize Facebook on