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Thousands of Android apps may be illegally tracking children, study finds

Thousands of free, popular children's apps available on the Google Play Store could be violating child privacy laws. Seven researchers analyzed nearly 6,000 apps for children and found that the majority of them may be in violation of the Children'

US, British governments say Russia has hacked routers used by businesses globally

The US and British governments accused Russia of conducting a massive campaign to compromise computer routers and firewalls around the world — from home offices to Internet providers — for espionage and possibly sabotage purposes.  The unusual pub

Why Europe, not Congress, will rein in big tech

Technology companies are readying themselves for sweeping new privacy rules that go into effect in May 2018 across the European Union.

Mark Zuckerberg was grilled. Silicon Valley took it personally.

The tech industry’s engineers and entrepreneurs saw the Facebook hearings as more than just the grilling of one of its stars.  To them, the congressional criticism against Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg felt like a referendum on the indu