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It seems as if maybe the White House doesn’t really want to talk to the press

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has held briefings less frequently than her two predecessors, her briefings have been shorter, and she has been more likely to fill up time with guests who can’t speak to what the White House is doing.

How ‘Googling it’ can send conservatives down secret rabbit holes of alternative facts

Type “Russia collusion” into a Google search, and the search engine will try to guess the next word you’ll type.

The GDPR transforms privacy rights for everyone. Without Edward Snowden, it might never have happened.

In June 2013, halfway through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) negotiations, a National Security Agency contractor named Edward Snowden leaked documents on America’s global surveillance.

No, Twitter still isn’t subject to the First Amendment — even if a judge said Trump’s account is

[Analysis] The ruling that President Trump violated the constitutional rights of Americans when he blocked some of his Twitter followers after they criticized him politically raises many more questions about the extent of those First Amendment obl