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Tech didn’t spot Russian interference during the last election. Now it’s asking law enforcement for help.

Silicon Valley companies and law enforcement are starting to talk about how to ward off meddling by malicious actors including Russia on social media in the November midterms, an attempt at dialogue and information-sharing that was absent during t

The Supreme Court just struck a blow against mass surveillance

[Commentary] The Supreme Court decided June 22 that cell-site location information is protected by the Fourth Amendment’s guarantee against unreasonable searches and seizures. Carpenter v.

Supreme Court upholds Texas redistricting a lower court said discriminated against black and Hispanic voters

The Supreme Court largely upheld Texas congressional and legislative maps that a lower court said discriminated against black and Hispanic voters.

Supreme Court sends case on North Carolina gerrymandering back to lower court

The Supreme Court sent back to a lower court a decision that Republicans in North Carolina had gerrymandered the state’s congressional districts to give their party an unfair advantage.

FirstNet launches, giving police and firefighters a dedicated wireless network and infinite possibilities

The idea for FirstNet was long in gestation, beginning with the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but has rapidly come to fruition in the year since AT&T won a contract to build it for the federal government.

Privacy advocates want Congress to fix gaps in Carpenter ruling

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling that police must get a warrant to access the vast trove of location information wireless carriers collect on their customers marks a breakthrough for privacy rights. But the majority in Carpenter v.