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Wireless lobby group names former FCC member Baker as president

Wireless industry lobbying group CTIA named Meredith Attwell Baker as its new president, another remarkable appointment for the former member of the Federal Communications Commission who has quickly climbed the ranks of a private sector she once r

Everything you need to know about Aereo, the Supreme Court and the future of TV

[Commentary] Depending on the outcome of the Aereo case, the battle could either solidify TV networks' grip over their content or throw the doors open to a future where consumers will be able to get traditional, over-the-air programming over the I

What the Apple wage collusion case says about Silicon Valley’s labor economy

[Commentary] Tens of thousands of software engineers are currently suing Apple, Google and a host of other companies for a shot at reclaiming wages they say the tech firms stole from them.

The Comcast deal would not make things better

[Commentary] The Washington Post’s editorial on Comcast’s proposed takeover of Time Warner Cable [“Cable merger,” April 15] served up a rather tepid endorsement of the mega-deal, saying the government should okay the merger, but “keep a close eye”

The decades-old idea that could break the net neutrality logjam

Ever since the DC Circuit court ruled that the government can't ban Internet providers from blocking or prioritizing Web traffic, the Federal Communications Commission has been looking for a way to get around the ruling.

As ‘Meet the Press’ struggles in the ratings, plenty of questions for host David Gregory

If “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory were a guest on his own show, he knows the kinds of questions he’d be asked.

Why have your ratings been falling? Is the show in trouble? Is your job in trouble?

How a common law enforcement tool could be abused to spy on you illegally

Privacy advocates are warning that the legal gray area in a key court case may make it easier for the government to spy on Americans illegally.

China launches campaign to purge Internet of porn, rumors and, critics say, dissent

China has unfurled a vigorous new campaign to clean up the Internet, to purge it of everything from pornography to “rumors” that might undermine Communist Party rule, a crusade that critics say is a renewed attempt to silence grass-roots voices an

Can Google sustain its awesome side projects with decreasing ad revenue?

With buzz building about Google's newest project, the build-it-yourself smartphone known as "Project Ara," it's worth noting that some company observers are concerned about what Google's side projects are doing to its profit margins.

The insanely fast Wi-Fi router you’ll probably never need

The average American household connects to the Internet at a rate of 10 megabits per second. Not bad, but also not fantastic -- by way of comparison, a single HD Netflix stream takes up 5.8 Mbps of bandwidth.