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Why Apple is so interested in Beats: It’s not about the headphones

Apple is reportedly buying Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion -- a whopping sum for a brand that, although popular, tends to be scoffed at by audiophiles.

On network neutrality, the FCC’s chairman increasingly stands alone

First came the tech companies, almost 150 of them.

Now dozens of high-profile VCs are protesting the FCC’s net neutrality rules, too

Mere hours after a group of top tech companies wrote to the Federal Communications Commission to oppose the agency's proposed rules for net neutrality, nearly 50 venture capitalists are doing the same.

Federal Election Commission approves bitcoin donations to political committees

The Federal Election Commission gave a green light to donating bitcoins to political committees, one of the first rulings by a government agency on how to treat the virtual currency.

Google, Netflix lead nearly 150 tech companies in protest of FCC net neutrality plan

Nearly 150 Internet firms are banding together to call for more stringent net neutrality regulations on broadband providers.

A House committee has voted unanimously to rein in the NSA

A key House committee has approved a package of National Security Agency reforms that would end the spy agency's bulk collection of Americans' phone records, nearly a year after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden disclosed the program's existenc

Political data, once the reserve of presidential campaigns, is spreading to local races

The November midterms aren't the only race Republicans and Democrats are running in 2014.

Cable forces more channels down unwilling viewers’ throats

It's become a cliché: "Why am I forced to buy more cable channels I never watch?"

Now, new data show the common consumer complaint is true.

NSA e-mails purport to show a ‘close’ relationship with Google. Maybe, maybe not.

In the summer of 2012, about a year before former contractor Edward Snowden revealed surprising new information about the extent of the National Security Agency's surveillance programs, the head of the spy agency reportedly traded e-mails with top

The military thinks Bitcoin could pose a threat to national security

Does Bitcoin risk endangering the nation's safety? The Pentagon thinks it might.