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What do the presidential candidates think about science and technology?

Three of the four major candidates for US president have responded to “America’s Top 20 Presidential Science, Engineering, Technology, Health and Environmental Questions” from ScienceDebate.org, a nonprofit advocacy group.

The next president should make infrastructure spending a priority

[Commentary] There is now a consensus that the United States should substantially raise its level of infrastructure investment.

Donald Trump doesn’t have much of an opinion on this new-fangled ‘cyber’ thing

At a military town hall meeting, Donald Trump was asked to expand on his strategy for dealing with the Islamic State militant group. "You have described at times different components of a strategy," the moderator — retired Lt. Gen.

US investigating potential covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections

US intelligence and law enforcement agencies are investigating what they see as a broad covert Russian operation in the United States to sow public distrust in the upcoming presidential election and in US political institutions, apparently.

That SpaceX explosion blew up one of Facebook’s most ambitious projects

SpaceX is reeling after an early-morning explosion took out its rocket on the launchpad at Cape Canaveral. The incident is a major setback for chief executive Elon Musk. But odds are the tragic news is disappointing another U.S.

How America’s tech companies could wriggle out of the nation’s consumer protection laws

Companies such as Google and Facebook thrive on your personal data — the bits of information that tell advertisers how old you are, what brands you like and how long you lingered on that must-see cat video.

The Internet revolution has not reached all of us

[Commentary] The Internet is celebrating some important milestones. The week of Aug 22 marked both the 40th anniversary of the first mobile connection and the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web.

Twitter just became even more like a cable company

If Twitter's biggest challenge is attracting new users to its service and showing investors it's capable of competing with the likes of Facebook, the company's latest move seems to take direct aim at fixing that problem.

How this social network for neighborhoods is trying to fix its racism problem

What do you do when your social network ends up revealing racism in users' back yards? That's the problem Nextdoor, a site that connects people who live in the same area, is trying to tackle.

Most Americans streamed the Olympics from PCs, not mobile devices. Here’s why.

With the 2016 Summer Olympics now a memory, it's time to look back at how Americans took in all that sports coverage.