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How the US Digital Service could upset DC’s ‘IT vendor ecosystem’

The recently-launched United States Digital Service (USDS) is modeled on the UK Cabinet Office's Government Digital Service which helps deploy new citizen-centric technologies throughout British government.

Democrats, Republicans go after data-driven TV ads that know -- like, really know -- voters

DirecTV and Dish Network customers may notice something a little different this election season: Your television ads know who you are.

Some questions to ask yourself before you sign up for a new smartphone plan

Here are a few tips to choose the smartphone plan that's best for you.

Figure out your priorities: how much data do you really need?

The real world is undermining Silicon Valley’s apolitical fantasyland

[Commentary] Like Hollywood, Silicon Valley has an idea of how politics works. And that idea is generally wrong.

What those creepy-sounding app permissions mean -- and when to be wary

Here's how to make sense of what to do when an app requests access to a particular part of your phone:

Why the Congressional Black Caucus is urging the FCC to save the sports blackout rule

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus want to save a controversial rule whose critics say makes it impossible for sports fans to watch their local teams.

Sprint launches $100 family plan with 20GB data share amid bad performance ratings

Sprint is offering a new family plan that provides 20GB data at $100 for a maximum 10 lines.

Aereo’s on the ropes, and now broadcasters are trying for a knockout punch

Aereo's just waiting for a court to determine if it'll be allowed to make a backup legal argument for its survival -- but television broadcasters are determined to shut that effort down before it even gets started.

Why are Telegraph stories about the ‘right to be forgotten’ disappearing from the Internet?

Google and a British newspaper are currently embroiled in a confusing cycle of link deletion and reporting on said deletions, which has led to still more deletions.

Sen Wyden: Your data’s yours no matter on whose server it lives

Sen Ron Wyden (D-OR) called for legal reforms that embrace an understanding that the mere act of handing over digital data doesn't mean giving way a user's right to privacy.