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Don’t give your dot-org domain away to a private company

The Internet Society, a nonprofit to which the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) delegated the duty to host Public Interest Registry (PIR), announced a deal in Nov to sell PIR and its license to sell dot-org names for mor

Facebook is ordered to hand over data about thousands of apps that may have violated user privacy

A Massachusetts judge has ordered Facebook to turn over data about thousands of apps that may have mishandled its users’ personal information, rejecting the tech company’s earlier attempts to withhold the key details from state investigators.

Companies burned by Big Tech plead for Congress to regulate Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google

Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google took a public lashing at a congressional hearing at the University of Colorado in Boulder (CO), where some of their smaller rivals, including Sonos and Tile, pleaded with federal lawmakers to take swift action a