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The Authoritarian Internet Power Grab

[Commentary] The future of the internet could be at stake at a conference in Tunisia, where diplomats from more than 100 countries will debate United Nations jurisdiction over the web.

AT&T’s Deal for Time Warner Faces Tough Climate

AT&T’s deal to buy Time Warner sails toward two cresting waves of opposition: resurgent antitrust enforcement in Washington and politicians fired by a new bipartisan populist rage.

AT&T Promises Innovation in Advertising With Time Warner Deal

AT&T executives say their proposed $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner would deliver innovation to advertising.

AT&T Dreams of a Hollywood Ending

AT&T is buying Time Warner to help it succeed in the future world of media consumption. In many ways, it already is living in that world, and it isn’t doing all that well.

AT&T-Time Warner Deal Is Mostly About Defense

AT&T and Time Warner are suiting up for the Great Media Game. Their strategy to win is more about defense than offense.

AT&T, Verizon Make Differing Bets as Wireless Growth Stalls

Faced with the same saturated wireless market, the nation’s two biggest telecom companies have placed divergent bets on the future.

The Making of the AT&T-Time Warner Deal

Two months ago, AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson stopped by Time Warner Chief Executive Jeff Bewkes’s offices in New York for a lunch of salmon, while musing about the increasing convergence of the media and telecommunications industrie

AT&T’s Wireless Leap Over Obama

The Federal Communications Commission’s 2015 power grab over the Internet is premised on the need for government to allocate broadband scarcity. So much for that.

Time Warner Deal Adds to AT&T’s Heavy Debt Load

Buying Time Warner will make AT&T among the most heavily indebted companies on earth. In a deal announced Oct 22, AT&T agreed to pay $85.4 billion to buy the owner of CNN, HBO and TNT networks.

AT&T Faces Political Barrage Over Time Warner Deal

AT&T’s blockbuster deal promises to reshape the media landscape—if the companies can navigate a series of obstacles, including possible opposition from US antitrust authorities and objections by lawmakers and media and telecom rivals.