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Turkey's Top Court Rules YouTube Ban is Unconstitutional

Turkey's top court ruled that a ban on YouTube is unconstitutional, paving the way to lift the two-month blockade, after the government cut off access to Google's video-sharing website for publishing leaked state secrets just days before critical

China Is Projected to Overtake the US in Mobile Revenue

More evidence, if any was needed, that the balance of global mobile telecom power continues to tilt away from the West towards Asia.

Google's Settlement with European Union Faces Increased Pressure

Google's proposed settlement with European Union antitrust cops is under increasing threat of being revised or scrapped, amid calls to more tightly regulate the Web giant in the run up to European Parliament elections.

Google Rated Top Employer for Pay and Benefits by Glassdoor

Google and three other Silicon Valley companies recently settled a lawsuit alleging that they agreed not to recruit each other’s employees. Maybe Google didn’t need to worry about poaching.

House Passes Bill Overhauling NSA Phone Program

The US House of Representatives passed a bill overhauling the National Security Agency's heavily criticized telephone-surveillance program -- the first legislative move responding to revelations about the agency's spying by former government contr

Google Predicts Ads in Odd Spots Like Thermostats

Advertising may be coming to your thermostat and lots of other strange places, courtesy of Google.

So, What’s Next for Dish?

Dish Network currently finds itself on the outside looking in amid the deal mania taking place in the cable and telecom industries.

SoftBank Calls Off Asset Reshuffle

SoftBank halted plans to shuffle its Japanese assets, canceling a move that would have resulted in an extra ¥450 billion ($4.4 billion) in the Internet and telecom firm's war chest for acquisitions.

How the Web's Fast Lanes Would Work Without Net Neutrality

If US regulators end up allowing telecom companies to set up fast lanes on the public Internet, companies that make the needed gear say the remaining service would inevitably get a little slower.

AT&T Calls on 'Deal Team'

When AT&T approached Wall Street about its plan years ago to buy T-Mobile, it shocked bankers with the amount of work it had already done.