Wall Street Journal

The FCC’s New Life of Pai

[Commentary] Senate Democrats found time for a press conference haranguing Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai for the high sin of opposing “net neutrality,” which is their euphemism for government regulation of the internet.

Why Companies May Behave Themselves Even as Regulations Are Eased

The Trump administration has pledged to boost economic growth by cutting two regulations for every new one created. Investors have responded by bidding up stocks in the hope that profits will surge.

FCC Ends ‘Zero-Rating’ Review

The Federal Communications Commission stopped its review of wireless carriers that exclude their own video-streaming services from customers’ usage caps, closing an inquiry that began under the previous administration.

Legal experts say that Congress can overrule Obama regulations going back to 2009

[Commentary] Todd Gaziano, a former House staffer who helped craft the Congressional Review Act, told a meeting of free-market attorneys, think tankers and Republican congressional staff that the law could be used to overturn any Obama administrat

Verizon Exploring Combination With Cable Firm Charter Communications

Apparently, Verizon Communications is exploring a combination with Charter Communications that would unite two giants in search of growth in a rapidly consolidating media and telecom landscape, according to people familiar with the matter.

Facebook Moves to Curtail Fake News on ‘Trending’ Feature

Facebook is overhauling its “trending topics” box, part of its effort to curb fake news and expose users to a broader range of information.

Google Privacy-Policy Change Faces New Scrutiny in EU

Software giant Oracle said it briefed European regulators late in 2016 on recent changes to Google’s privacy policies in hopes of compounding its rival’s already complicated regulatory challenges.

Big Telecoms Keep Investors on Hold

A saturated wireless market has hindered giants Verizon Communications and AT&T even as competition from smaller rivals exerts a drag on subscriber and revenue growth.

Google Uses Its Search Engine to Hawk Its Products

Google runs the world’s largest advertising business, selling space atop its search results. Google is also among the biggest buyers of those ads, promoting products from its music service to its app store.

Can Tech Make Democracy Great Again?

Whatever you make of the outcome, the 2016 elections sucked many of us into a social media black hole that hasn’t left us much wiser or more empowered.