Wall Street Journal

Agencies Model Newsrooms for Real-Time Marketing

Madison Avenue has long been home to creative gurus who had months to produce an advertising campaign.

BuzzFeed’s New Pitch To TV Networks: Use Our Brand

BuzzFeed has become a destination for young, pop-culture aficionados through its hearty offering of TV-themed stories, lists and quizzes such as “What Would Your ‘Game of Thrones’ Name Be?” Now, the online publisher is offering TV networks a chanc

US Regulators Tell Banks to Plug 'HeartBleed' Security Hole

US regulators said a vulnerability in banks' computer networks could have exposed sensitive information to hackers, and they instructed both small institutions and Wall Street firms to update their security systems.

Amazon: Prime Video Streams Nearly Tripled Year-Over-Year

Amazon.com said video streams on its Prime Instant Video service nearly tripled year-over-year, helped along by the company's heavy spending on original shows and new content.

Apple Closes US Ad-Spending Gap With Samsung

Samsung is the still the king of the US smartphone marketing race, but the Korean giant’s rivals closed its huge lead with an advertising blitz in 2013.

AT&T’s Plan for the Future: No Landlines, Less Regulation

Residents and business owners in Carbon Hill (AL) got a surprise in letters from AT&T in February.

Cincinnati Bell to Sell Wireless Spectrum Licenses to Verizon Wireless

Cincinnati Bell said that it has agreed to sell its wireless spectrum licenses and other related assets to Verizon Wireless in a deal valued at $210 million.

Turkey Regulator Says It Will Unblock Twitter

Turkey's telecom regulator signaled that it would stop blocking Twitter with government officials saying the microblogging site would soon be accessible two weeks after it was banned ahead of crucial elections.

Federal Agents Pierce Tor Web-Anonymity Tool

Law-enforcement agencies are increasingly finding ways to unmask users of a popular Web browser designed to hide identities and allow individuals to exist online anonymously.

Google Is Central to Latest Apple-Samsung Case

Apple and Samsung Electronics are squaring off in a new round of their long-running patent feud. This time, however, the docket might as well read Apple v. Google.