Wall Street Journal

Why Being First in 5G Matters

While wireless-industry executives say applications that tap the full potential of 5G—self-driving cars, virtual reality and remote surgery—are several years away, leading the way does matter for a country’s economy, if the race to 4G is a guide.

European Union Executive Arm Opposes France on Global ‘Right to be Forgotten’

The European Union’s executive arm joined Google and a group of free-speech advocates to oppose expanding the bloc’s “right to be forgotten” beyond European borders.

Appeals Court Tosses Lawsuit Arguing Trump Incited Violence at Rally

The Sixth US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that protesters attacked at a 2016 Trump campaign rally in Louisville (KY) can’t proceed with a lawsuit alleging Donald Trump incited the violence with inflammatory remarks. “Get ’em out.

The NFL’s Other Problem: Fake Fans Lobbying for the Blackout

“I write as a football fan,” read the letter to the Federal Communications Commission, “to strongly urge you to maintain the FCC’s current broadcast rules.” There may have been thousands of bogus, identically worded letters generated on the Nation

T-Mobile Sprint Merger Is a Test of President Trump’s Antitrust Mettle

President Donald Trump’s trustbusters don’t take no for an answer. After a federal judge rejected their lawsuit to stop AT&T from acquiring Time Warner, the Justice Department decided to appeal.

Technology improves for people with disabilities as firms respond to moral, legal demands

Over the last few years, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft have leveraged artificial intelligence, computer vision and advances in voice recognition to deliver tools to assist blind individuals and people who are deaf, have motor impairments o