Rep Blackburn Fought to End Net Neutrality, But Will It Matter to Voters?

In March of 2017, Congress had just voted to allow internet service providers to sell the browser histories of consumers, a move that was greeted by an overwhelming backlash online.

Twitter Releases New Policy on 'Dehumanizing Speech'

Twitter announced a new policy addressing “dehumanizing speech,” which will take effect later in 2018, and for the first time the public will be able to formally provide the company with feedback on the proposed rule.

How Bad Maps are Ruining American Broadband

US customers pay some of the highest prices for broadband in the developed world, and broadband availability is sketchy at best for millions of Americans.

Senate passes Music Modernization Act

The US Senate has approved the Music Modernization Act of 2018, S.2334, with unanimous consent, bringing the first reform for music licensing in 20 years on the cusp of becoming law.