TV Creators Warn FCC: Don’t Let Internet Become ‘Like Cable Television’

As the Federal Communications Commission prepares new rules of the road for the Internet, more than 240 TV showrunners and creators have signed on to a Writers Guild of America West letter urging the commission to avoid regulations that would allo

Fox News Denies Shepard Smith Move Was a Result of Him Wanting to Come Out As Gay

After tweaking anchor Shepard Smith’s newsroom duties in 2013, Fox News has denied allegations that the changes were a result of Smith asking to come out as gay.

Comcast CEO: We Have Fewer Subscribers Than Netflix, Even After Time Warner Deal

Comcast continues to paint Netflix as a competitor, as the cable giant keeps trying to make the case that it needs to swallow Time Warner Cable to have a presence on a national scale -- and compete with what it portrays as surging digital-video ri

Why the Viacom-YouTube Case Wasn’t a Giant Waste of Time

[Commentary] Here’s what Viacom’s lawsuit actually did: It spurred YouTube to accelerate the development of tools to detect -- and pull down -- copyrighted material, in an automated way.

Comcast Cuts Sony Deal to Sell ‘House of Cards,’ Early-Release Movies

Comcast customers can now buy access to “House of Cards” season 1 through their cable set-top box and watch it across multiple devices -- no Netflix subscription required.